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$15 USD / time
Flag for EGYPT
6 october city, egypt
$15 USD / time
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Tilmeldt maj 12, 2007
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Ahmad E.


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$15 USD / time
Flag for EGYPT
6 october city, egypt
$15 USD / time
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Profile Lingutopia Solutions for localization services Why us? Well, simply saying; “It is professionalism”. Yes, indeed. We have gained as much experience as possible during our career life. We have gone deep inside every small detail in the localization field. We have even tried to detail it more as much as possible. A piece of art is prettier with its details. Localization is much more like an image; details are the pixels that draw this image. More pixels mean more quality. That’s our theory; simple yet glorious. Our services: a. Localization b. Desktop Publishing c. Testing Need details, see below… a. Localization: Localization as a concept is much more than translating text from one language to another. It is the art of translating the idea than the word. It is translating all the culture, sense and feeling behind the word to make sure that your idea is completely delivered to the mind of your customer. Our job is to make sure that you and your customer are always connected and understanding each other although you live in different societies and have different backgrounds. Our Localization Services cover various fields (Telecommunications, Financials, Technical, Marketing, Constructional, Educational, Automotive, Medical, Gaming, Help, Commercials, Legal …etc.). We offer translating Books, Articles, Ads, User Guides/Manuals, Quick Start Guides, Brochures, Sales Guides, Websites, Presentations, E-Learning Modules, CD Manuscript, UI text, Movies (subtitling), ...etc. We offer both Transcription and translation services, which involves our professional translators watching or listening to your recording and writing down the speech involved, in the same language as is being spoken. They then translate that text into the target language you require. We can use pretty much any type of file including tape, CD, DVD, video cassette, MP3, mpeg or wav. We also offer recording service of any text you require for the purpose of customer service machine reply, we are dealing with highly qualified studios to provide the best voice quality available. We support various Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools: Microsoft office, Microsoft LocStudio, Microsoft Hellium, SDL Trados, SDLX (ITD), Trados Multiterm, Logoport, Idiom Desktop, Alchemy Catalyst, etc... Supported languages: We offer localization and proofreading services in the following language pairs: English Arabic English German English French English > Spanish English > Finnish English > Dutch German > Arabic Spanish > Arabic English Farsi English Kurdish English > Dari English Urdu English > Hebrew b. Desktop publishing (DTP) DTP is one the most effective messages and marketing tools, if it is not number one already. Having the translated documentation designed and printed (for publishing or for web) has a great impact on the market. We are aware of this fact and we believe that DTP is not as easy as it seems. With the help of our qualified publishing designers along with the best QA procedures, we guarantee the best DTP process with the shortest time ever. We offer all Multilingual DTP, graphic design, and publishing services. We can handle all kinds of files with the appropriate DTP tool including; FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator, CorelDraw, or MS Word. We work on both Mac and PC platforms according to the request. We have the latest versions of DTP tools with the special ME versions to handle the Middle Eastern languages. We can produce high-resolution PDF files either for printing or for web. We offer to outline localized text so that the files can be safely-opened on any PC without fearing to corrupt the text. All publishing standards are provided; Bookmarks, Crop Marks, Bleeds, TOC, Indexing, and Color Separation. Also web standards are provided; Hyperlinks and TOC links. Using our QA and management systems, we are able to provide final DTP services with the best quality ever and according to schedule. c. Testing We also offer Testing Services to assure that the product meets the global markets. Testing includes User Interface (UI) verification, content marketability testing, regional-needs verification, functional testing, set-up testing, compatibility testing, environment testing, consistency with documentation vs. UI testing, and comprehensive testing. Staff capabilities: Our staff are the most professionally-trained employees located in their country. They have university degrees and years of hands-on experience in their fields. They are highly qualified and specialized. Their capabilities are continuously improved by attending specialized courses according to market needs. They are perfectly trained to work with the most common used CAT and DTP tools.

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