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$10 USD / time
karachi, pakistan
$10 USD / time
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Tilmeldt august 3, 2023
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Zaeem A.


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$10 USD / time
karachi, pakistan
$10 USD / time
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CSR | Excel Expert | Marketing | Virtual Assistant

As a customer service representative, I possess an impressive array of skills, strengths, and valuable experience that sets me apart in delivering exceptional support and creating positive experiences for every customer. I excel in effective communication, empathy, and problem-solving. My customer-centric approach, adaptability, and positive attitude leave a lasting impact on every interaction. As a customer service representative, I am offer the following to customers: Excellent Communication: Clear and friendly communication to address your inquiries and concerns effectively. Empathy and Understanding: Show genuine care and empathy towards your needs and emotions. Swift Problem Resolution: Efficiently handle and resolve your issues to ensure a smooth experience. Product Knowledge: Provide accurate and detailed information about the products or services offered. Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive and professional demeanor to create a welcoming atmosphere. Personalized Support: Tailor my assistance to meet individual customer preferences and requirements. Timely Responses: Respond promptly to your inquiries and keep you informed about the status of your requests. Active Listening: Pay close attention to your concerns and actively listen to understand your needs fully. Conflict Resolution: Handle conflicts calmly and professionally, seeking amicable solutions. Customer Education: Educate customers on product features and usage to enhance their experience. Customer Satisfaction: Ensure you leave each interaction feeling satisfied and valued. Building Trust: Build a trusting relationship with customers, ensuring their loyalty to the brand. Multitasking: Efficiently handle multiple tasks and inquiries simultaneously. Continuous Improvement: Strive to improve my skills and knowledge to provide better support. Problem Prevention: Anticipate potential issues and offer proactive solutions to prevent problems. By offering these qualities and skills, I can deliver exceptional customer service and create positive, lasting impressions on every customer I interact with.

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$20,00 AUD
amazing work would re hire
Email Handling
Email Developer
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Flag for Joseph H.
27 dage siden
$155,00 USD
Zaeem is very carefully on her work and did a good job.
Data Entry
Web Search
Data Mining
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Flag for Michelle M.
6 måneder siden


Customer Service Specialist

Migration Call
aug. 2022 - maj 2023 (9 måneder, 1 dag)
• Manage appointments, • Act as a liaison, provide services, information and resolve any problem that our customer face with accuracy and efficiency • developing and reviewing policies, programs and procedures concerning customer relations and goods and services provided • liaising with other organizational units and customers to identify and respond to customer expectations • Complete administrative duties such as data entry, documentation and follow up calls.

Customer Service Representative

Apex Global
aug. 2020 - apr. 2021 (8 måneder, 1 dag)
• Handle customer queries. • Generating Potential Customer • Business Development Skills • Managing incoming calls and customer service inquiries, generating leads that develop into new customers • Identifying and assessing customer needs to achieve satisfaction

Customer Service Representative

Hayseed Global
okt. 2019 - mar. 2020 (5 måneder, 1 dag)
• Managing incoming calls and customer service inquiries, generating leads that develop into new customers • Provide accurate, valid and complete information by using the right methods/tools • Business Development Skills • Identifying and assessing customer needs to achieve satisfaction • Planning and implementing after sales services to follow up customer satisfaction, performance of goods purchased and modify and improve service provided


Bachelors in Commerce

Karachi University, Pakistan 2019 - 2023
(4 år)


Certification in Information Technology.

FC Computer Collegiate.
It took me 6 months to complete this certification in which I learn Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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