Why projects fail. Beware of dishonest clients like this.

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For some reason 80% of my failed projects comes from users from India or claims to be from UK but actually are from India. I come from Malaysia and have many childhood Indian friends whom I still know. I never have problems with Indians. However these IT people from India seems to all have the same pattern of deception, manipulation and dishonesty. Look up bhavick You will see sometimes his profile say Leicester UK and then sometimes back to India again. His project failed because the project description was vague or untrue. E.g. 50% completed was only 5% completed. "I want the look to be like that object in the video" later meant the whole screen, animation, game logic, etc. I cannot do 2 weeks work for $200. Now I insist on detailed requirements. They all do the same thing. They all rush you to accept their project, they will send you non working version of the samples and then promise to send another copy after you accept the project. I stopped accepting Indian clie

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I am a Web Developer with solid and real life experience in this field. I have worked as a software publisher and a contract programmer (from C++ through to java servlets) in Australia for 15 years. I am currently based in Malaysia. Now, I develop online applications using JavaScript, D3, , PHP, MySQL, SVG, HTML5, CSS3, CodeIgniter, WebGL, Canvas, CSS, Web RTC, and JQuery. I do all the work myself and do not sub contract. I am ready to work on your upcoming jobs or projects. Please contact me to discuss about your project.

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