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$4 USD / time
rajshahi, bangladesh
$4 USD / time
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Tilmeldt august 16, 2023
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Md Abdur R.


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$4 USD / time
rajshahi, bangladesh
$4 USD / time
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Digital Marketing Expert

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, I hold a pivotal role in crafting and executing comprehensive digital strategies that drive brand visibility, engagement, and conversion. Armed with a potent blend of analytical insight, creative finesse, and technological proficiency, I navigate the digital realm with strategic precision. My responsibilities encompass a wide spectrum of disciplines within digital marketing. From meticulously optimizing websites for search engines (SEO) to orchestrating captivating pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, I ensure our online presence is not only prominent but also tailored to resonate with our target audience. In the ever-expanding world of social media, I am the architect behind compelling social campaigns that harness the power of platforms to foster genuine connections. I curate content calendars that seamlessly merge promotional messaging with valuable, shareable content, thereby nurturing a community of engaged followers. In the realm of content marketing, I wield the pen to craft impactful narratives. From blog posts and infographics to videos and podcasts, I create content that informs, entertains, and establishes our brand as an authoritative voice within the industry. Analytics is the compass guiding my efforts. Through continuous monitoring and analysis, I track key performance indicators (KPIs) to decipher campaign effectiveness. Armed with data-driven insights, I pivot strategies and tactics to capitalize on emerging opportunities and address evolving challenges. Collaboration is integral to my role. I liaise with cross-functional teams to align marketing initiatives with overall business objectives. Whether working alongside designers to create visually captivating ads or collaborating with sales to refine lead generation strategies, I ensure a seamless integration of efforts. As the digital landscape evolves, so do my skills. I remain committed to staying updated on the latest trends, algorithms, and technologies. My toolkit includes proficiency in various analytics tools, marketing automation platforms, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior and psychology in the digital realm. Above all, my role is defined by an unwavering commitment to delivering measurable results. From increased website traffic and engagement metrics to elevated conversion rates and revenue growth, I measure success not just in clicks and likes, but in the tangible impact I make on our brand's digital footprint and bottom line.

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Social Media Marketing

jan. 2020 - aug. 2022 (2 år, 7 måneder)
As a Social Media Marketing Specialist, I am the driving force behind our brand's compelling digital presence across various social platforms. My role revolves around harnessing the immense power of social media to foster authentic connections, amplify brand visibility, and engage with our target audience in meaningful ways. At the core of my responsibilities lies a keen understanding of our brand identity and the nuances of each social platform.



Bangladesh 2019 - 2023
(4 år)


Bangladesh 2017 - 2019
(2 år)


Bangladesh 2011 - 2016
(5 år)


Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager, I am at the helm of our brand's strategic marketing initiatives, orchestrating a symphony of creativity, data analysis, and leadership to drive the success of our organization. With a comprehensive understanding of both the big picture and finer details, I navigate the complex landscape of marketing to achieve our business objectives. My responsibilities encompass a wide spectrum of roles within the marketing realm.

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