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Our company has recently merged with another company in order to fulfill the needs of all clients - we now offer content, logo creation, videos and more. __________________________________ I have been a full-time freelance writer, logo designer, website designer, video creations and all out Internet marketer for nine years now and have made each one of my clients happy. Throughout my nine years of doing freelance work, I have covered almost every topic out there. __________________________________ I work alongside my team - we are all 100% Native English, but I do not issue the work to the team, unless the client allows me to. __________________________________ When I write articles for my blog, I write about what I reminiscent of, what I believe in and what I experience. If you know me, you know writing and graphic design has always been something I like to do. __________________________________ At times I feel like writing my own book, writing my own song or writing my own articles, then there are other times where I have to write on demand and write what others want me to write, which is my full time job. I enjoy everything about writing  everything from the knowledge I gain to the knowledge I share. __________________________________ For all of the clients I have had in the past, I enjoyed writing for you and am glad you keep coming back for more work. __________________________________ For the clients I will have in the future, I look forward to working with you and making you happy. __________________________________ Thanks for letting me share my knowledge with the world by allowing me to write for you and thank you for allowing me to share my art with the world by hiring me as your logo designer.

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