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Tips for Posting Local Projects

Finding a local freelancer near your selected location can sometimes feel a little tricky. To ensure the success of your project, here are some pointers when finding someone local: 


     Outline the task clearly. Describe what the task is, what your expectations are. Providing a scope or list of tasks is preferred.

     Consider the budget selection carefully. When selecting a budget range, consider how complex the job is. If in the event that your expected range is a little different than the proposal, keep in mind that you can always discuss with your local freelancer as they may have added factors considered in their bid. 

     List three (3) other cities to consider. In your project description,include three other alternative cities to consider in case there’s a need for your Local Jobs Community Managers to broaden their search. 

     Let your assigned Local Jobs Community Managers know if you are going offline. Community Managers at Local Jobs will try to reach out to you via chat as the primary mode of communication. In the event that you are offline, they will try to contact you through other means, so it is important to them that you provide the best possible method to contact you once a local freelancer is available to do your task. 

     Advise your preferred time for contact. It’s likely possible that you will be assigned to a Local Job Community Manager who is working opposite your time zone at the time of the project posting. To ensure seamless communication, you can advise if you wish to be connected to someone closer to your time zone. 

We want to make sure that finding a local talent for your project is a pleasant experience. We sincerely hope that these tips will help you achieve more when using the platform. 

Learn more about Local Jobs and what services can be posted. 

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