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Using Quotes

Quotes is a negotiation tool that mirrors how negotiations work in a real-world setting where a freelancer sends a proposal and the client reviews it for approval before even a project commences.




Creating a Quote (For Freelancers)


As freelancers, you can create and send a quote to (1) clients you are working with, (2) clients you have previously worked with, and (3) external clients you want to bring to the site and work with. You can find the Create Quote button in the following places:


1. Top Navigation of Dashboard

From here, you will be shown a modal where you can enter your clients name, username or email address (for external quote sharing). Note that you need to be payment verified to send quotes to external clients. 



2. Chat Box

Quotes created here are intended for the specific client you are talking with.



3. News Feed

A notification will show up on your News Feed once the final Milestone Payment is released by your client on a Fixed-price projects. The notification ncludes an option for you to Send Quote.

Inbox Page

Quotes created here are intended for the specific client you are talking with.


The button will direct you to a quote form where you have to provide the following:


Title. A short title for your proposal


Valid until. This is the expiry date of the quote or the time given for the client to either accept or reject your quote.


Proposal. A detailed description of the quote based on your agreement with the client.


Start and End date. A set date of the proposed start and completion of the project.


Items. These are tasks relevant to the proposal and the payment (price) you expect to receive upon completion of each task.


Price. The price is set to the client's currency. The minimum total quote price is 10 USD or its close equivalent in other currencies.


Quote form


Quotes submitted are received by the client via their inbox. Submitted quotes are currently uneditable, but they can be retracted.


You can have up to 3 active quotes within the same thread and can have 100 quotes overall.



Accepting a Quote (For Clients)


As clients, you can accept or reject a quote within the validity date or expiry date set by your freelancer and as long as the freelancer does not cancel their submitted quote. Prior to acceptance, you are advised to review the quote and to discuss with your freelancer directly if you have further clarification. Negotiation is key to a successful project.


To proceed with the acceptance, click on View Quote, then the Accept button on the quote.




Quote Accepted! The start of a new  project


For Clients


Clients are required to fund all the items on the Quote upon acceptance. Project fee will also apply immediately. For new external clients accepting a quote, 0% project fee will apply. For existing clients, the project fee will be the same as usual, 3% of the total Quote price.


After clicking Accept, you will be redirected to a payment cart where you have to fund all quote items and settle the project fee. Quote items that you successfully funded will become Milestone Payments. Only by then will a Hire Me project be automatically created for both parties to proceed with the transaction like normal projects.


You are advised to release the Milestone Payments after confirming that the task in the corresponding item was already completed.


For Freelancers


Accepted Quotes immediately awards a Hire Me project to you. The project will be automatically accepted in the background, and the project fee will be charged upfront. For freelancers being awarded by a new external client, 3% project fee will apply for all projects with that client. For normal awarding of Quotes where the client awarding you is an existing user, 10% project fee will apply.


The project fee will be drafted from your balance or from your payment source. If you do not have a balance or a payment source, your account balance will go negative.


From the created project, you can start working with the client like in regular projects.

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