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Bidding on projects

After completing the bidding requirements, you can proceed to bid on projects:


     1.  Click Browse from the main menu and select Projects to view available projects requiring skills that match yours.


Filter options are available on the results page. You can filter projects by Type (fixed-price or hourly), Skills, Listing Types (upgrades), Budget, Location, and Languages. 


     2.  To view more details about the projects that you are interested in, simply click on them from the project list.


     3.  Read the project description thoroughly. When you are certain that you can do the work and that the project is right for you, start filling out the bidding form found below the project's description.


     4.  Enter your bid amount, delivery time and detailed proposal. You can include your experience, credentials and portfolio in your proposal.


     5.  On the Suggest a milestone part, you can propose a breakdown of the tasks needed to complete the project and indicate their corresponding Milestone Payments.


     6.  You can also sponsor your bid (optional).


     7.  Click Place Bid to submit your bid.




To see the projects you placed bids on that are still open, go to My Projects, and select Active Bids.


If you are unable to place bids on projects, check this article to find out the possible reasons why.

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