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Ending / resuming the automatic billing of hourly projects

The automatic weekly billing of an hourly project can be disabled at any time for reasons such as the following:

  • The work is completed and you want to end the project.
  • You have agreed with your freelancer to no longer continue the project.
  • The payment method you used has issues, and you want to resolve it first or change it.

 Your freelancer will not be able to track hours if automatic billing is disabled.



Ending the weekly billing


     1.  On your project’s Payments tab , toggle the Automatic Billing option off.




     2.  You will be notified that your freelancer will no longer be able to track hours on the project. The remaining unpaid tracked hours will be invoiced at once. To confirm, click Save.




If an invoice is created for the remaining hours, you can do either of the following:

     •  Pay Now to pay the invoice immediately

     •  Bill me as scheduled to let the system pay the invoice as scheduled


If the hourly project is paid and if the last payment is completed, the project will be marked as Complete. However, if no payment is made and the automatic billing is ended, you will be asked to either cancel the project or mark it as Incomplete.




Resuming the weekly billing


     1.  To resume automatic billing, slide the Automatic billing toggle on.


     2.  Set up your payment method again if it was previously removed.



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