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How to Keep Away from Scammers for New Freelancers

At Freelancer.com, your safety and security is always our top priority, which is why we’ve implemented robust processes to keep scammers at bay. However, we understand that challenges may happen occasionally. To keep yourself protected from scammers, we have tips here for you.


Do not pay “security fees” to a client to be awarded with a project. You do not have to pay for any fee (security fee, registration fee, processing fee, membership fee, access fee, etc.) just for you to be awarded with a project. If a client asks you to pay for anything, this is a red flag; report and disengage immediately.


● No to sharing personal details. Sharing personal details is against the site’s Terms & Conditions. Keep your personal information to yourself to save yourself from unknown individuals having access to your personal information. Through your personal information, scammers will be able to find a way to contact you outside the platform and eventually get to your bank account.


Confirm that the project is awarded to you before working. A project becomes yours only after it is awarded to you and you accept it. Don’t be too excited to work on a project until it’s a done deal. If it’s not yet awarded, try to win the project first by negotiating with the client in a business manner.


Secure Milestone Payments before working. Before or after accepting a project, get the client to fund the project with a Milestone Payment. Some scammers would tell you that they already made a deposit, but don’t be fooled. Make sure to confirm that they already have a pending/in progress Milestone Payment before you start working. 

Using Milestone Payments also makes our Dispute Resolution Service available to you, which allows contesting the return or release of in progress Milestone Payments. 


Keep all communication within the site. Communication made outside of the site is out of our scope that’s why this is the favorite of scammers. They would do anything to get your contact details, try to contact you outside the site and eventually try to get money from you. Usually scammers lure freelancers to communicate with them directly through email, Viber, Whatsapp, and other messaging and social media apps.


There you have it! Stay sharp to maintain your safety in your online freelancing and make sure to report users who are violating the site rules.

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