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Freelancer Services

What are Services?

Services are a way to offer predefined projects that can be purchased by clients. Freelancers can create a catalog of these Services, making it simpler than ever for clients to find and purchase your Services.

Why offer Services?

As a freelancer, offering Services can significantly increase your opportunities to secure work. When you provide predefined Services, clients can simply buy the specific solutions you offer without them having to post a project. It's a hassle-free way for them to get what they need and for you to win more work.

Another advantage is that you can promote your Services online. Have a personal website or social media account? Share a link to your Service on it and attract even more potential clients whilst showcasing your expertise.

Creating a Service

1. To create a Service, navigate to the Services tab in the Manage page and be sure to select the As a Freelancer tab.

2. Click “Create a Service”.

Here is how it will look if you have already posted a Service. Simply, click "+Add new service" if you will be posting new ones.

3. You will then see the Service creation form and be required to provide the following details:

     Service title - This should be a short clear name that will help clients easily remember your Service

     Duration - This should reflect how long it will take you to complete the Service

     Description - This should be detailed, clear and professional so that clients have a clear idea of what you are offering with this Service

     What’s included - Give a brief description of each deliverable you will provide with your Service

         Note that you have three types of items you can include in your Service:
          ● Hourly work
            - For tasks that require ongoing support such as data entry

          ● Subscriptions
            - For longer-term commitments such as consulting

          ● Items
            - For specific deliverables such as an illustration

4. Once you’ve provided these details you will then be able to select relevant skills for your Service and upload some images.

5. After uploading your images, a preview will display showing how your images will be displayed on your Service. Reorder your images how you see fit.

6. When you’re happy you can click Publish service, which will enable clients to then purchase your Service and provide you with a link to share your Service.

By clicking View Service you can also see a preview of your Service and how it will appear when you send it to clients.

Managing Services


As a Freelancer, you can easily handle all your existing Services through the Services Manage page. This table is accessible through the Manage tab. Here, you will find a list of your current Services, allowing you to view, edit, or delete any Service as needed by clicking the tool icon.

You can also expand the row to see your Service details from the manage table.

You will be able to see the purchase history for that Service, too.

Sharing Services

Sharing a Service can be done easily via the share modal found from the Services Manage table. Simply share via social media or copy the link directly. You need to share a Service in order for clients to view and purchase your offering.

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