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Multiple Profile

Showcase your strong suit to clients by creating additional profiles displaying your specialty skill. Create as many as you need to cover all your areas of expertise.

When you add a profile, you can indicate a new professional headline and summary for a specific skill you are promoting. Here’s how to create an additional profile:

1. Go to your Profile page by clicking your profile picture on the main navigation bar, then click View Profile.

2. Click +Add.

For corporate accounts, this is what you will see:

3. Add details such as your profile title, hourly rate, professional headline, skills, and summary.

You can select up to 5 existing skills. If you have 5 or more reviews that match the skills on your profile, it will be displayed when the client views your additional profile. Your portfolio items will also be re-ordered, highlighting the ones matching the multi-profile skills.

4. Click Add profile once you are done filling out all the required fields.

You can view your additional profiles on the right side of your profile picture on your profile page, just below your reviews.

These extra profiles you have created allows you to choose which profile description to display when bidding on a project.

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