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Applying for the Preferred Freelancer Program

Sending an application to the Preferred Freelancer Program is free, but to maintain the integrity of the program, there are strict minimum requirements and other criteria in place.


On the Preferred Freelancer Program page, click the Join For Free button.



You will then be directed to the application page. If you are eligible to the program, you will see this banner:



If you try to revisit the application page, you will see this instead:



Our Preferred Freelancer Team will review your application and will contact you in 14 working days.


If you did not meet at least one of the requirements, here is a sample of what you will see on the page:



If not successful, you can re-submit your application for up to three times. After this, you will be restricted to apply on a monthly basis. Try to complete more projects and meet the requirements before re-applying for the program. 


Read this article for ways on how you can improve your chances of becoming a Preferred Freelancer.


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