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A Guide in Video Verification

For a much safer withdrawal experience, you may be asked to complete Video Verification. This step is added after you have filled out your details in the Withdrawals page.


Here is how the video verification goes after you have verified your phone number for your withdrawal request: 

1. You will be directed to the Video Verification page. Click Get Started.

2. The recording modal will pop along with the text prompt.

3. You have 30 seconds to record the video while reading the text prompt on the screen. You can also retake if you are not satisfied with the initial recording.

4. After submitting your video recording, a message will appear in the window confirming that it has been successfully submitted.

You can check the status of your video verification from the same page. 

Best Practices for Effective Video Verification


Good lighting. Even though your face is not seen in the video, ensure that the recording is still high-quality by having proper lighting.


No background noises. Opt for a quiet space so you can be heard clearly. There should be no distracting noises or voices in the background. 


Speak clearly. Your device’s microphone should be turned on and is not on mute. Your voice should also be loud and clear enough when reading the text prompt on the screen. 


Take note of the time. You have 30 seconds to record your video. Please be aware of the time so you can complete the instructions within the set time.



Incorporate these tips into your video verification process for a more effective recording.

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