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Hiring Locally

Local Jobs allow you to hire freelancers within your selected location, whether you are looking for help with home repairs, landscaping and lawn care, delivery, or photography for your events.


To post a Local Job:


1. Click Post a Project.


2. Provide the details of what you need to be done. Upload a list of things to be accomplished or files needed for the job.


3. Select up to five (5) skills related to your job. If a non-local skill is added, the option to specify your project location will not appear, and the project will no longer be tagged as Local.


4. Choose Post a project and Yes, local job.


5. Add the location where you need the task to be done, choose your deadline (this is optional) and add the tools or equipment needed to perform the job (optional)


6. Decide whether you wish to pay by the hour or pay a fixed price and select the budget and currency.


7. You will be asked to review your project before posting and if you’re satisfied with your posting, click Yes, post my project.


Your project will be assigned to a Community Manager at the Local Jobs Team once the project is posted. They’ll guide you through the process and will help you secure a local freelancer. 

In case you’ll have to go offline, please provide your Local Jobs Community Manager other means to contact you once they have a suitable local freelancer. 

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