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Project Upgrades

These are the optional project upgrades and their corresponding costs*:  



One of our experts, called Recruiters, will find and recommend the perfect freelancer for your project, saving you time. This is best for new users or those short on time.

$19.00 USD


Your project will be marked as featured and will be displayed prominently, attracting more quality bids.

$9.00 USD


Your project will be marked as Urgent, attracting the bidders who are ready to kick off your project asap. It will be open for bidding for only 24 hours.

$9.00 USD


The details of your project will be hidden from search engines and will only be available to logged in users.

$19.00 USD


This will hide the bids from freelancers so you’ll get better proposals.

$9.00 USD


Freelancers will be required to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement before seeing the project details, which binds them to the project’s confidentiality.

$19.00 USD

IP Agreement

Freelancers will be prompted to sign an Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement, which makes it clear that all work done on the project will be yours.

$19.00 USD

Full Time

You can save money for full-time or commission-based work. Project fees will only be charged if the project value exceeds $5000 USD.

$199.00 USD

*The costs in other currencies are the equivalent of their USD values. 

Upgrade fees are non-refundable. Refund or adjustment of these fees can only be processed if they were mistakenly charged due to technical issues.


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