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Awarding multiple contest winners

You can pick winners any time until 30 days after your contest ends. If you need help picking winners, you may run a poll.


Note that the contest prize cannot be divided among the winners and the runners-up. Each entry will have to be paid separately at the price specified by the freelancer.


  1. Go to your contest page's Entries tab.


  2. Hover your mouse over the entry you want to declare as the winner, and click Award.




  3. Click Select multiple winners for this contest.




  4. The first entry you awarded will be marked with a trophy icon. Select other entries that you wish to award by clicking the checkbox on the entry. You can choose up to 10 winners.


Each additional winner will cost the amount specified by the freelancer that they’re willing to sell their entry at. Note that you may still buy entries at the freelancer’s set selling price after award, as discussed here.


You can also deselect entries while the payment is not yet confirmed. To do that, just uncheck the checkbox for the entry that you wish to deselect.




  5. Click Award once you have picked the final winners. And, confirm your action by clicking Award Entries.




You will be directed to the payment cart to make a payment for the entries you have awarded. Your available balance will be used for payment. If it is not enough, you can add funds with your verified payment method or with the available options to add funds.


After completing the payment, you will proceed to the Contest Handover.


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