Chinese Take Away menu website+ Joolma - sinple CRM Integration

New website needed for Chinese Take Away

Front end and backend Chinese take awat menu. New website you will be able to show off your talent to design on the entire design of the website. You will need to design corporate idenity of the website and logo.

- Can add unlimited food and categories

- When designing the categories I can change around the category orders.

- Would tell the customer if the product is out of stock

- Search button for specific food by clicking on the ingredients they want. Eg if they want to pick out all the food with Chicken they can.

- Can create relationship/rule with each product and categories so if they look at one thing there will promote a few other items which people who typically look at the product would naturally be interested in.

- Ability to click on a product and it will go to a page which is designated to that dish giving description; more pictures.

- Seeing the different things on the first page which will be updated daily to weekly featuring offers, information etc...

Customer account

- Maintain their account - amend their details/ see order history/ order statuses/ saved ordered/ see points/ see their history/if they are in credit/ personal promotions.

- All orders stored in the database for fast and efficient retrieval

- For each items the customer can add or minus certain ingredients. This is just a general list so that some ingredients on the list but this do not mean all the ingredient are found in the dish. If they add a certain ingredient they will prices next to it. Eg if they want to add mushrooms it is an extra 50p. We can change these prices.

- Customer can add enquires on the item ordered or the entire order. Eg customers might say no vegetables for the entire order.

- They can retrieve their order. As most people order the same dishes all the time they can add it to their default list for next time.

Book a dinner online

- A notice will come on to tell them we will call them if any problems or delays. Otherwise it will take 30mins for delivery


- Everyone needs to sign up to book in a meal to be emailed to us.

- They will chose to collect it or get it delivered

- If the customers want to pre book a meal for delivery or collection they can do. Eg It is 5pm and the customer wants to put in their order for collection for 10pm.

- All customers who wants to come to collect will be told before putting through their order that will take approximately x minutes ( we will be able to change the minutes quite quickly as the administrator as if it gets too busy we will let them know.

- Customers who want a delivery needs will be told their order will take approximately x minutes ( we will be able to change the minutes quite quickly as the administrator as if it gets too busy we will let them know)

- Update billing address and delivery address (they can have more than 1 delivery address as they might have 2 homes and different places of work.


- Use Joomla or equivalent to generate newsletters/ coupons/ questionnaires/ information sheets etc to send to customers

- If you can put a protection on visitors copying content eg words and pictures from the website this would be great.

- Structurally the framework of the website must be built with SEO in mind, in order for SEO professional to continuously update the website to get up the search engine rankings.


Technical instructions so that I can pass it onto another web designer/developer to pick up from where you left off- if we ever fall out.

Helps and user instructions to help me navigate through the system

Pay via Escow after completion and continuous communication while site is being built is a must, in order to help you to not make assumption and cost you money and time to correct the issue and dampen relationships.

Yum Yum take away will own the copyright to the website – therefore no resale of this website. All intelligence about how to make our website or marketing plans must remain confidential. Must sign a NDA

Færdigheder: Joomla, Logo Design, Indkøbsvogne, Web Design, XML

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