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We are looking for a programmer with Flash AS3, ASP, PHP, MySQL, SQL, 3D Studio MaxScript knowledge.

We have the structure of the website built, but we need a programmer to build a Flash-based user interface that we can re-skin to fit the look of the site. We also need some database work done. Attached diagrams will help explain what we need.

Basically, this is the situation:


* We have a library of 3D Models and Rooms stored on a rendering server.

* We need a Flash-based User Interface created that will communicate between the website and the rendering server.

* We need databases created to store image files that represent our 3D models and rooms.

* These images will populate the UI.

* Users can select from Rooms, Primary and Secondary objects.

* Users will select a room, then select primary object, then select secondary object, then build their scene.

* Users can change the color of Primary object.

* Users can change the position of Primary object (3 presets)

* Once users click "BUILD," their selections are transferred to a text file.

* Text file is submitted to folder on rendering server.

* Rendering server creates renderings based on text file. THIS RENDERING SYSTEM IS ALREADY WORKING. It uses 3D Studio Max, and MaxScript. The text file provides orders to 3D Studio Max which tell it which models and rooms to use when creating the renderings. It also tells it how many renderings to create, and where to place them when finished.

* Server places finished renderings into user account on website.

* User is notified that their room renderings are ready for viewing.

* Server side scripting will be PHP

* Application backend will be MYSQL


* See attached diagrams for the databases which we need created

* Need administrative control panel that will allow us to easily add new images to the database as we create more models and scenes.

* Users will have ability to create multiple model/scenes within their account

* If users edit their stored scenes, the stored data will be loaded into the UI, and then user can make changes and re-submit, sending in a new text file to rendering server


d:\!WebTest\Scenes\RoomStyle\[url removed, login to view] \\ SCENE PATH

d:\!WebTest\Primary\Model_Name\[url removed, login to view] \\ PRIMARY MODEL PATH

d:\!WebTest\Accessory\Model_Name\[url removed, login to view] \\ ACCESSORY MODEL PATH

d:\!WebTest\[url removed, login to view] \\ Renderings will be saved with this name in this folder. 3ds max will automatically add # of frame after the name like [url removed, login to view], Rendering_0003.jpg. After each frame is rendered, an FTP utility will run and upload the rendering on FTP.

[818,511] \\ Size in px of rendering

[0,0,0] \\ Position of primary model. We will provide 3 specific values for this. The UI will allow for only 3 choices.

\textures\[url removed, login to view] \\ Texture for wall image. (Don't worry about this for now. Just needs to be part of the text file)

[10,10,10] \\ RGB color of the wall (don't worry about this for now. Just needs to be part of the text file)

[5,5,5] \\ RGB color of the main object paint

[25,25,25] \\ RGB reflection color of the same paint

1.0 \\ intensity of diffuse map (needed for some paint effects)

[18,18,18] \\ RBG color of the secondary paint (stripes, or patterns)

[25,25,25] \\ Reflection of the second color

1.0 \\ intensity of diffuse map of the second color


[url removed, login to view] \\ your FTP (the domain only)

user \\ login of user account

password \\ password

/public/render \\ folder on the FTP

The site requires a user-based system that will involve a graphic user interface which communicates with stored information on the website database. The purpose of the interface is to allow the user to select a room, and build a scene using a library of rooms, primary objects, accessory objects, and paint colors. Each 3D file stored on the rendering server will have a PNG representation stored on the web server, which will be used in the UI. Each primary object will have an representative image that can be dynamically loaded into the UI, so the user can see the color of the paint applied to the profile of the object they are selecting, as well as see their selected accessory objects displayed. So, each accessory object will also have a reference image that is stored in the website database. Color selections will be reflected visually on the primary object image in the interface. The objects have dimension, so the paint color must be applied in some kind of transparency layer of the Flash interface, so that the object appears to have been “painted” with the selected colors. The RGB values for each paint color will be stored in the Paint portion of the UI admin database. Once the user has optioned the primary object, and clicked “BUILD,” the UI will then transfer the RGB values of the paint selection to the appropriate line of the text file, and place the text file in the appropriate folder on the rendering server.

The rendering server will get to work. Then, the website is to watch for the finished renderings to be uploaded to the appropriate user account. SO, the programmer must ensure that the text file includes the exact location for the upload (the user's account information). At that time, the site will generate an email to the user, letting them know that their scene images are available for viewing.

The UI won't display the primary object inside the room. The room will be selected in the first phase of the build, and displayed in the upper left of the UI until the primary object is selected, painted, as well as accessory objects selected. When the user submits, the selected room will populate the appropriate line of the text file.


Make sure that the interface you're making in Flash is (or comprised) of “Objects” or “Movie Clips”. As an example, you may create a square for a background a square for a button to go on top with a generic symbol or button. We want to make sure we can identify and edit these symbols later. We will be “skinning” them. So please don't make shapes out of AS but actually make shapes out of shapes. We do want you to provide a rough interface, buttons, background, bars whatever is needed. We will skin these items later.


The databases will need an administrative control panel that will allow us to upload new images of primary and secondary objects as we create them. Same for secondary objects. The control panel will also allow us to create new paint colors, and assign RGB, bump and reflection values to them. This information will be transferred to the text files when users build new primary objects.

That's step one. Once we get all that working, we can go on to step two...there's a lot more to this, but this is probably the most critical portion.

Evner: Adobe Flash, Flex, XML

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