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I need a general bluetooth advertising server (discover and send custom content to bluetooth devices in range) that preferably works both in linux and windows, this is preferred but not mandatory. (Win can be developed later)

The program should be able to be configured to send files in determined days and hours, and store accepted and rejected requests so it don't try to reach a user that rejected the connection for a determined time.

Should be configurable locally and by internet via secure connection.

Should not be very 'heavy' it will run in a limited machine with the maximum 800mhz processor, 128 or 256 RAM and 1Gb HDD, maybe a bit more or less, but not much.

(Extras - a bidder that can develop this extra features or the most of them would be preferred)

Should have a unique identification name besides the bluetooth friendly name (selected by the user) so it can detect if other instances of it are running in range so custom operations between them can take place if they were configured, such as synchronize folders, etc.

The program must be modular (mandatory - modularity is a *core feature) in a way that modules can be added later to increase features, like database access to determine which kind and brand of device reached, save statitistics of usage, possibility to integrate with a client side program (java midlet?) installed on mobile devices to provide extra services (see below), send sms´s via internet gateways, provide internet access via bluetooth, etc.

A client side program for mobile devices should be developed, that can receive and send content such as performing auto pairing (if possible), send password identification so it can access, browse and download content from specific a folder in the server, send specially formated text so the server can parse and do actions according such as sending specific content, etc.

I´ll send any details the bidders might need via PM. I usually reply immediately or within 6-8 hours but I might take up to 24-48 hours.

If the programmer that develops the core and extras (or some of them) shows good skill and work dynamic, future development would be preferably given to him/her.

I prefer the use of opensource librarys for this stage (but I´m open to sugestions), since I might need to make tweaks and write documentation for the program. I must receive the binaries and the source code.

The project will be running for 10 days and probably only at the end one bidder will be chosen. If a programmer show skill and work before those 10 days the project might be given before the end.

Before accepting a bidder, milestones for the project must be determined to simplify payment, and for me to test the software along development. Please be realist on delivery times and sincere about your skills.

Best Regards.

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