Print barcode on Avery 5160 and Dymo 450 label

We need someone to write a C# software that takes an array of struct, generate the barcode image and print it out on Avery 5160 label or Dymo 450 label.

The input to your code will be an array of a struct type

struct node


string barcode

string note

string sku


One example of the value will be


XC1000789FX <== barcode

hardware tools on shelf A <== item note

HT201105 <== SKU


what you need to do is:

1. Generate barcode image based on string barcode value. In the example above, the barcode is XC1000789FX. You need to find library to generate the barcode based on that value

2. layout the label in 3 lines as below

barcode image you generate



3. Based on label type, user choose, display the correct screen.

For Avery 5160 label, there are 3 labels per row and 10 rows, so 30 labels per page

For Dymo 540 label, it is one label a page

4. Print out those labels with the printer user pick.

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