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Hey guys,

This is not supposed to be a super difficult project and I don't want it to take too much time. What I am looking for is as follows.

A landing page that users will be directed to immediately upon clicking on my Search Engine PPC ads pertaining to online gambling. Ie poker, black jack, roulette, etc.

The purposes of this landing page are in order of significance:

1. Catch the users attention and instill confidence in professional appearance and content enough so they will actually not just click back away from my page, and make them curious and intent enough to read through the page and possibly watch the video that I will have there for them.

2. Ok, number two, and this goes right along connected to number one. Once they are captured the real point of the capturing is to get the highest opt in rate possible to build my email list at Aweber, so that I can automatically and immediately have aweber send my follow up message with my links to them.

3. It must be in compliance with Google policies regarding gambling. So, it may not have any links direct or indirect to a gambling site. The idea is that the person will click to my page to gamble, or get info on where they can, and then have the landing page convince them to let me email them the information and link so they can get what they want.

4. Immediately upon submitting their email the user will be sent a prewritten autoresponder/follow up email which I will take care of. I need the page to have the Aweber web form (which I will provide in html) integrated into the page and for it to be edited by you and spruced up by you to look very nice and enticing in order to get the highest opt in rate.

Part 2:

5. After entering their email, they will be redirected to a second page with two or three adsense ads related to my content, and two clickbank info products related to gambling with my hoplink integrated into the icons/images/banners (I will figure this out, and let me know when you need these). It will be nice to have a text link below each image just for an option, it’s super easy so why not.

6. On the page I wish to have a video just above the email submit form, and if a user doesn’t have the proper player installed to play the video I select I will need the option to automatically download and install the proper software/player right there by the video on the page, or whatever you know is the most efficient and easiest.

So yeah, let me just walk through this really simple two page site.

User sees PPC Ad, clicks, says wow this is just what I was looking to find, or better! Then they read a little, and oh, awesome, video, they play it and watch, and then read, and say, you bet I want to be emailed this info and link right now!!, Yippee, then they submit the opt in, and bamm, 5 seconds later they get the message from aweber in their email. First mission accomplished, then they are redirected to a second very similar page upon the email submit where I recommend the two best gambling info products with my hoplinks in them and text links below, and first at the top 3 adsense ads to help difuse the cost of my expensive ppc campaign. They check their email, buy clickbank products, or make me a little $ by clicking adsense ads.

Note: The Video must not start to play upon loading the page. That is against may SEM guidelines, and is very intrusive and annoying. So the visitor must click play, and it must be very big and obvious where and how they can control the video.

That’s a wrap.

For Your Reference it will be similar to these sites only much better and with my specifications. Hey, that’s how you win, you have to be much better, not just better, but much much better. So when viewing and analyzing the following pages who’s links are below, keep that in mind. Much more convincing, more professional, video quality, more aesthetically pleasing(layout, colors, text, formatting, etc.), and all of these being superior equals much better.

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

In addition I would like my follow up email to look like this, or very simialar only better. Cloning in some fashion is alright, but like I said, I need it to be better.

Actually, the site
that I posted above is I guess another page that I will have you create so that I can direct them to there with a link in the follow up email, and then my affiliate links will be on that page which I will supply to you via myself.

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