Mobilite Internet Game - Shooting Range

The Mobilite Shooting Range

This game is designed to help children practice reading words.

They have to read the word at the top of the page and shoot the moving image of the object represented by that word.

A rough prototype of the game can be seen at [url removed, login to view]

1. The page has a 140x400 image at the top of the page. This is a blank image, called [url removed, login to view], saying just “word01” in the image with a plain background. We will put the image of the word in this location.

2. Beneath that is the active area of the page.

3. The active area is a box, roughly 400x600 pix.

4. Inside the square box are three images, 70x70pix, moving randomly in straight lines bouncing off the sides of the box.

5. One of the images corresponds to the word at the top. The images are called [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] etc

6. When the mouse is over the box it turns into the cross-hairs of a gun sight. The child has to shoot the right image.

7. But, once the page has loaded, two doors start to slide across the screen, closing off the box. So the child has to click the right image before the doors close.

8. If they click the right image they go on to the next word. Once they have done them all at one speed, they go up to the next level, and the doors start to close faster.

9. If they get the wrong image or run out of time, they go back to the start of the level they are on.

10. We need to have the following sound files :

One for each page,

a shooting gun sound for when they click,

a sound file for hitting the wrong image,

a sound file for hitting the right image

a sound file for when the doors are moving (a low grinding sound)

a sound file for when the doors have closed

11. If they get through all three levels, they exit to a simple HTML file called [url removed, login to view] that I can edit.

12. The words need to appear in different orders in each level.

13. I think that the right speeds for the doors will be roughly:

Level 1 - 15 seconds

Level 2 - 10 seconds

Level 3 - 6 seconds

But we need to be able to edit those settings after creating all the games, so that we can respond to the feedback we get from the children as to what is easy or difficult.

14. The images should be crossing the box roughly every 2 seconds.

15. There will be 15 words in a game. All the images are numbered [url removed, login to view] to [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] to [url removed, login to view] and the game looks for those images in the same folder. The correct target for wordXX is imageXX. All the image files need to be stored in the game folder, not a separate folder.

16. The soundfiles can also be numbered word101 to word115 for level 1, word 201 to word215 for level 2 and word301 to word315 for level 3

17. The other sound files can be called soundshot, soundhit, soundmiss, sounddoorsmove and sounddoorsclosed.

18. We need to make the page look attractive since they will be using it quite a few times.

19. I am happy for the game to be created in whatever format you feel will work best. But I need to be able to create new versions of it just by changing the images in the folder.

20. All copyright on the game is to remain the property of Mobilite International Ltd.

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