Meta Search/Specific Search Site

Hi, how are you?

Can you design,

1. A meta search engine that feeds off of a few major search sites and sends there results up to our site. Something like [url removed, login to view] but with several small additions.

2. Another search site but one that focuses on a certain specific subject.

I would have liked to set the bidding up to and around $500 or so, so feel free to make an offer if getafreelancer allows that.

Here is what I need for each search site, starting with the Meta search engine, most of the info I list will be similar features needed in the Specific Topic search site(adult search site) listed below in the 2nd part.

I need the Meta Search site to be just like [url removed, login to view] ( I will pick different colors probably) but search the same way.

Meta search

1. Next to, on the front page of the search site, I need it show google/yahoo/Live, like Ipselon

I need to have a fourth link which will show a myspace tab search.

Once this is clicked it will automatically send the user to a search with the keyword of my choosing and the results will automatically come up.

Here and only here there will be a table needed showing other popular myspace searches which will show them in keyword tabs and which ever one is clicked, will lead the user automatically to the search they want without them needing to type it in.

2. I assume this is in most scripts already, I see it on other sites made but I need people to be able click on the links they want after searching and get a new pop up window, keeping the search open and displaying the site they clicked on. This goes for contact links as well.

3. I see with [url removed, login to view] the script allows to show site pictures next to there link to show a preview of the site. This is nice, but I was wandering if a hover view could be done, so users can hover over a site and then a preview shot comes up. Like [url removed, login to view] but if I used snaps software, it shows a link to there site and there search engine right in the link. Maybe I can get there software and that part can be removed and or cloned? Let me know on that.

4. I need a "make it your homepage" link right on the front page in bold with the logo and at the very bottom of all the other search pages but just in text, next to contacts......

5. Spell suggestion fixes- "did you mean" for searches

6. In the administrator section, a way for me to change the top3 most relevant searched sites, this way I can show three sites at the bottom of my search engine front page and change them when needed or remove them easily, it will be just the sites name and a small thumbnail.

7. In the administrators sections, a way to control the banners in the searched pages at the bottom and can be easily changed and removed.

8. A way to place my own ads under or above the adsense ads. And easily changeable in the admin section.

9. I dont know how many plugins ipselon has, but I do like the ones they show on search pages like web-images- news-video- blog -encyclopedia and would like to add music.

I would like this to search like there engine does. Check [url removed, login to view] out please, to get a feel for it.

10. I dont want this on the front page but in the searched pages, a link tab at the top that says "adult" next to the other tabs(like video,blogs,music.....) and when clicked it will pop up a message saying " you will be transferred to an affiliate adult search engine containing adult content" Click yes if you are over 18 and sorry click No if you are not the required age. This way people can be transferred to our affiliate adult engine and safely and this is the second part of this project, listed below.

11. I just need a basic font logo which I will pick for the site but I need to be able to make changes easily to it and assume I can in the admin section.

Its a of words but I think most of these needs are already in most standard scripts unless you work from scratch which would be nice but either way I need these sites to work as flawless as possible.


2nd Part

Now for the Adult search site. I need it to be just like [url removed, login to view] and would like to have forums as well, where people can chat and post their links.

I am not sure how a specific topic search site will be designed so its searches are relevant. Can it be done so the site is built to allow users to type in there search and then the search they asked for, will be sent through [url removed, login to view] and redirected back to our search site. Similar to a meta search but with only 1-2 sites to redirect searches from.

I need the site to have a similar look to [url removed, login to view] ( probally different colors) and have the similar search tabs on the front page and definitely the preview images next to the searches.

1. I need a cute 18-20 yr old girl logo. One for the front page search and another different one for the who am I section.

[url removed, login to view] Kind of like the girl on this site. I will need 2 different ones though. Will discuss more when the project begins like hair color, look......

2. I need to be able to upload all my affiliate links into the search engine, so say a model like Jordan capri is being searched. The first page links will be ones that are mine with my ccbill and not one from askjolenes or from another site. I will need to do this with a lot of affiliate sites so I need a section to enter this data easily.

3. A way to control in the admin section, to edit and add my ads into the adsense ad area, like I talked about on the meta search.

4. Again a way to administrate and changed three thumbnail recommended sites on the front page liked I talked about on the meta searched but can be removed easily when needed.

5. Again a way to admin the banners on the bottom or top of this site searched pages with my links and change and remove them easily. Probally best these sites are designed with a template setup, so everything is easy to change.

6. An "about me" section that will talk about the girls, that will be like the sites mascots and also an about me friend section, there will be 2 girls. I would like to have a way to add banners to the bottom of these about me links, so people can continue searching, so I will need to put a search bar at the bottom of each of these sections.

7. Again the "make this site my homepage" link right on front page and at the bottom of all others. Just like the meta search.

8. Will want that "about me" link on the bottom of all pages next to contacts and make it your homepage......

9. Also will need a model section link at the bottom of all pages where I can upload all my affiliates and small thumbnails of their sites.

10. I will need to be able to integrate the meta web search(the first site project above) explaining with some text, so people know that they can continue searching this adult search engine but if needed, that they can click a link next to the adult search bar that will take people to the affiliate meta search site of mine. This way people can search adult stuff and if they need something not relevant to adult searches, they can find it on my meta search engine with one click that will pop up a new window to the the meta search engine, keeping both sites open for them. This tab will be needed, next to the search bar on all search pages.

11. Like the meta search a spell check "did you mean" the closest relevance.

12. Like the meta search I need people to click the links they want and get a new pop up window, keeping the search open and displaying the site they clicked on and were searching for.

Finally for both sites, I need to have a downloadable search toolbar for each of my sites and also firefox,yahoo and google plugins for their search bars. If you can do the rest of the project and not these, let me know.

Also, please let me know what you would design these 2 sites with.

Thanks for your time and have a good day.

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