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This project is suitable for those who can do website coding and administration panel designing.

Basically all I need is to do some advances and adjustments in my website [url removed, login to view] so as you follow the link you will understand what I need

1. first is I want to create level of access(add new users to access my admin panel)

this means that different administrators will be able to access the admin panel ([url removed, login to view] ) by using their user name and pass word sign in from the front page of the website in order to operate the site(loading pictures and unloading them plus sending and receiving mails).

However each of them will have limited access level depending on his/her line of duty like if he’s dealing with cars and parts, he will not be able to access houses and property admin access. Then the other important thing is I need to get my own level of access in which I can retrieve every thing each admin user has done. And I want to be able to delete or restore each administrator in operation. Then there is another administrator who will act as second in command whom I would like to be able to view every admin but won’t be able to delete their accounts. That option will only be in my account as the master user (master access) where I will be deleting administrators’ accounts who do miss conducts.

Then I would like the normal people be able to open or sign up normal e-mail addresses for sending and receiving normal mails

2. I want to create a time limit or a limited period system on the loaded pictures on to the website such that they delete automatically from the site when the due date comes. If the photo was meant to stay on for 5 days the after those five days, the photo should delete automatically I will explain more to who ever takes the project

3. this is about this link [url removed, login to view]

4. please follow the conversation

[17:07:13] shan lugge says: [url removed, login to view]

[17:07:17] shan lugge says: there

[17:08:19] shan lugge says: are u there

[17:08:20] shan lugge says: ?

[17:08:23] Nilmoni Basak says: yes

[17:09:02] shan lugge says: there are 9 drop down option

[17:09:12] shan lugge says: on category

[17:09:13] Nilmoni Basak says: yes

[17:10:06] shan lugge says: but on each option I want a functionality

[17:10:11] Nilmoni Basak says: ok

[17:10:30] shan lugge says: like this

[17:10:53] shan lugge says: [url removed, login to view]

[17:11:00] Shan lugge says: are you there

[17:11:05] Nilmoni Basak says: yes

[17:11:59] Shan lugge says: drop down the make option

[17:12:18] shan lugge says: and the model

[17:12:21] Nilmoni Basak says: yes

[17:13:03] shan lugge says: those two options I what them on each category

[url removed, login to view]

[17:20:27] shan lugge says: that’s the last one

[17:20:38] shan lugge says: do you see the car pic

[17:20:43] Nilmoni Basak says: yes

[17:21:14] shan lugge says: I want a small word below the car which says click here

[17:21:38] Nilmoni Basak says: after that what will show?

[17:22:30] shan lugge says: try to click on the car and see

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