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This is for a women's health site (affiliate site) of around 9 or 10 pages. SEO & Content Needs: * I already have an HTML template that uses CSS, though a little tweaking will be needed as I don't like that the links are on the bottom of the template. I like that my template, which I bought, has the body text high up so my content will be read early by the SE spiders, but if you feel you have a better template for me I am willing to view it and change my mind if I like it. Keep in mind this is a site for women so I want them to feel comfortable and trusting of my sites recommendations when coming to my site. Pink is always good for that right!? :-) * I need SEO content written for each page for the affiliate products I'm selling. I will supply URL to each product I'm promoting so it will make I easier to write the content. Text for each page should not be a hard sell, but rather informational and make the reader what to proceed onward through my affiliate link. * Site should be VERY well optimized to compete in the areas each page is promoting which means not just the content, but title tags, description tags and more. That also includes checking out the top competing sites for each pages main keyword and analyzing their keyword density, keyword placement and back links to see how best to proceed. I will supply the top 3-4 keywords for each page to be optimized for. I will want to talk with developer in deciding if a sitemap should be included with this site and if in some cases dynamic links and or static links in certain areas would be best to distribute PR in the best possible way. * I will be legal owner of all content developed for me and developer must remove written articles for me from their hard rive when project is complete. I actually have other sites I need content for so if I like your writing and price I could very well use you again. Link Building Needs: * Consider this a separate item from the above and give separate price quote for this. What I mean is when placing your bid for this project bid ONLY on the SEO/Writing portions in the bid section. Then in your comments give a quote for the link building portion. Reason for this is the price tag may be higher then I'm willing to spend right now by adding link building or I may want to farm this out to someone else who may be great at link building, but not doing SEO work. * What I would like is one way non-reciprocal links to my site using the keyword phrase I choose (most likely the sites main keyword). Ideally I'd like to get the following links, but am willing to listen to proposal by developer who has more experience then I in this area. PR7 (2-3 links), PR6 (5 links), PR5 (5 links), PR4 (5 links) which is 17-18 total one way links. Keep in mind these links should come from sites in similar field as my site (women's health) and they must be of high quality, so say links from pages with 35 or less other links on them. No forums, bulletin boards, FFA farms or guestbook's, but from real sites. I'll want contact info of the site owners along with URL where my link is placed. These should be permanent links to my site as well, not where you make a deal to get the site owner to link to me for a month then after I've paid for the project my links are gone a month later. Also note when I listed the PR and number of links above I mean my link should be on a page with that PR rating not for example a site that's a PR7 but my link is sitting on a PR3 page. My link should be present on a PR7 page and those links to my site must pass PR onto my site (no dynamic links). -Stephen

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