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I need a person to copy this email and email it to 500 different newspapers, that you can Google and find the emails very easily, and you can also use a blind copy to send many emails at once. I want a quote for you to get the email addresses of 500 different types of newspapers and magazines all over the United States, there are thousands of them, their is one site that has them all by each states you can use, just Google United States Newspapers, and start their.

This is what I want you to copy and send below to each one:

Navy veteran and author Vince Stead, author of over 50 different various dog breed training books, said he had 3 funny experiences with animals coming into his retail store he operated for over 7 years.

Once a big German Shepherd dog walked in with no owner, and came right to the cash register growling and barking, and acting like he was going to jump over the counter and attack him.

Another time a child let the candy from the vending machine next to the front door spill all over the ground, and the kid ran away. Immediately a big group of pigeons swooped down to try and get all the candy, and a customer came from the outside and scared all the pigeons into the store! They took turns flying into the big plate glass window trying to get out, but not until a bowl of sparkling water was set outside and caught their attention did they finally go out the open door.

The worst was when Vince saw a big rat come right out of the pet store across the street that sold pets. Vince saw it come right out of the store and cross the road at the cross walk, and then straight up the sidewalk and ran into his store. The rat was never found on lots of attempts to find him. He stole plenty of food from the store over the course of a year, and one day when a floor shelf was moved, he was discovered with over 200 empty plastic little bottles that contained a diet supplement, that he cracked open and lived off the liquids for over a year. Vince thought that the diet medicine was a good seller, but the rat was actually really stealing the bottle at night!

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