I am Looking to design simple yet very attractive web pages. All to be presented to investors and potential sponsors for the following project. We are working with a shoestrings budget and are looking for a simple, fast to understand, right to the point kind of presentation yet attractive enough to be remembered and seriously enough to be considered for an investment / sponsorship. Please present us with your thoughts and the direction you will go to present this project.



The following is a text that represents the project to potential investors, this will give you an idea as to the direction of the site:

National corporations from medical/drug manufacturers to large retailers, services providers and their advertising agencies are constantly searching for new and creative exposure avenues. It is our belief that they will be happy to sponsor a one-of-a-kind, life-lasting experiences/event if it draws overwhelming public attention (including free media coverage). Our planed Aviation Fun Days in children's hospitals around the country utilizing our Mobile Interactive Aviation Museum will provide them such an avenue.

Introducing the world's first Mobile Interactive Aviation Museum :

Of all the things children dream about, the feeling of sitting in a real jet fighter cockpit is a rare treat that can never be achieved in a conventional aviation museum where no one and touch, let alone sit and play with the jet fighters on display. Imagine the excitement of getting in to a flight suit, putting on the helmet, adjusting the oxygen mask, lowering the glare shield, being strapped in to an ejection seat inside a real fighter jet cockpit, close the canopy, smell the unmistakable smell of jet fuel/hydraulic oil mixture, feel the rush, take the stick in your right hand and the throttle in the left, fire the ammunition, and navigate the skies. Now think about the guy who made millions a few years ago by selling videos of earth moving tractors and bulldozers to kids around the country. Can you imagine what the above experience will do for children of all ages? Because now they all will be able to experience this thrill... and the best part of it is that it will can come to them!

We plan to issue each and every child a real combat replica of both flight suit and helmet with the child pilot's name-tag on it. (This, of course, will be optional and based on the sponsorship level.)

We are currently collecting and restoring authentic fighter jet and helicopter cockpits which will combine fun and business, a win-win, revenue-generating operation that will bring new meaning to the old saying: "It is a pleasure doing business with you."

We are restoring one-of-a-kind cockpits of aircraft like the A-7 Corsair, a staple of the Vietnam era attack and bombing aircraft; the F-4 Fathom, the all time hall-of-fame King of fighter jets; an OH-58 helicopter, a successful Bell made helicopter used for observation, transport and attack missions to this day. A T-37 training jet and more. Our display also feature a replica missile crafted from a brand new F-15 drop-off fuel tank together with all the authentic electronics and accompanied real missile testing equipment. An authentic USAF F-4 simulator fully equipped as it was built by McDonnell Douglas for the training of the USAF, Navy and Marines pilots in a real F-4 cockpit environment.

Over the next year, we plan to feature more than10 authentic fighter jets and other cockpits to greatly enhance the program.

Each of these fighter jet cockpits is one-of-a-kind - There are less than five fully restored fighter jet cockpits of each of the ones we have in private hands anywhere in the world! All others are either still operational in foreign countries, resting in peace in many aviation museums (which never let you touch the cockpit interior or sit in one of them) and the rest are resting in pieces... post 9/11/2001 changes in government policies mandate the destruction of all demilitarized fighter jet aircrafts to small pieces which can only be sold to private citizens for scrap metal. This means this Mobile Interactive Aviation Museum will have virtually no competitors.

We are however, constantly monitoring these few other cockpits in order to present an offer if and when they will be placed on the block. There are a few Russian made Mig planes and cockpits available in the US and abroad. We haven't bought any of them as yet because no one really shows much interest in them. Most Americans are looking for a proudly made American fighter jet cockpit with a history of active service. The most recent of OUR fighter jet aircrafts flown was 1995 and many similar planes continue serving in foreign air forces.

What’s more; we’re also featuring flight gear and paraphernalia. Children visiting the museum will have a full experience while learning about the history and operation of these impressive testimonies to American wartime aircraft engineering.

This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground-floor of an investment opportunity. We plan to promote this mobile museum to children’s hospitals, charitable, and fundraising organizations. Army and Navy recruitment operations may wish to use this as well. We also plan a large scale promotional campaign which will include parading the fighters through major cities drawing a media blitz. We will also be able to make these cockpits available for political campaigns, fundraising events and movie premiers and promotions by placing large ads on the cockpits that will be driven around these cities. We anticipate that our sharp attention to detail together with the mobility of this display will make it attractive for a broad variety of uses. An aggressive promotion will result in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Investors will enjoy the opportunity to witness the phenomenal return on investment on this unique project. Now is the best time to join the team in order to maximize the financial opportunity in both the short and long terms.

SOME images from the following files will be used to show the restoration process and to explain / show how this will all look:

[url removed, login to view] - F4

[url removed, login to view] - A-7

[url removed, login to view] - OH-53

[url removed, login to view] - Missile

[url removed, login to view] - T-37

[url removed, login to view] - Yard

1. A-7 in "Desert Storm" 1991 : [url removed, login to view] should be as one of the sub categories of the A-7 Corsair.

Please note that the images obove (F4/A7/OH-58/T-37/Yard/Missile) will have to be under a few sub categories, such as: Restoring process, Finished cockpit, and some more that I'll think about.

2. More Images you should use in the site. Two planes you will recognize: A-7 and F-4 and the few others you can use in various general pages: [url removed, login to view]

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