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Las Marias "Artesania de Alta Calidad"

B A C K G R O U N D:

An overview of who you are and what you do.

We are a start up looking to import quality products from the Mexico/Central American region and sell them in Australia. Initially, we plan to test out which products are popular through sales at the markets. Later we intend to start up an online store, sell to other stores, and work towards one day having our own store/stores. To give you an idea, we are currently looking at women's and kid's clothing, jewellery and accessories and arts and crafts.

Why you require branding / communication now.

We want to start out with a good brand from the start. We could just start out selling without any branding. However, it would be preferable to start developing a brand and recognition from the outset. We want our products to be considered quality and exotic - not just "market rubbish".

V I S I O N & O B J E C T I V E S:

What is your mission and vision.

As above, we hope to one day have quality branded products which we distribute over the internet, to stores, and also hope to have our own gift store/s. One idea we are considering would be to do a cafe/gift store - all with a central American/Mexican theme.

What are your marketing objectives.

We want our products to be seen as a little bit different and exotic. We hope our brand will be fun, and colourful. Our products will be middle to up range noticing a perception of quality.

V A L U E S:

5 key words to sum up your core values.

Quality, fun, cultural, different, exotic

U N I Q U E N E S S:

What sets you apart.

We hope to deliver a product that people may not be familiar with, and/or cannot get easily.

M E S S A G E S:

What does your artwork need to communicate.

It needs to be different, and convey the colour and energy of Central American culture

A U D I E N C E:

Who will engage with you brand (if multiple, give in order of importance).

Women (probably 20s-40s) comfortable to well off

Men in the same age/wealth bracket (probably later on)

L O O K & F E E L:

is there any visual elements you like or that need to be considered

We would like to see colour and something that is somehow representative of Mexico/Central American culture

L A N G U A G E:

Does your brand need to work in multiple languages.

Our brand is aimed at an English speaking market, however, we may wish to use some Spanish words from time to time.

A D D I T I O N A L I N F O:

Anything you might think is relevant or helpful to add


Are you interested in maintaining an environmentally responsible approach to design and production.

Potentially - please advise on what this might entail

T I M E S C A L E:

Delivery dates.

B U D G E T:

Do you have a budget in mind.

What is to be covered within that budget.

As a start up, we don't have a lot to spend just now. We require a logo that can be applied to basic business cards and clothing/product tags. However, we want to be able to apply this logo to anything that we may need it for, as business continues.

Could you please advise of the cost of one logo development with brand name (we will supply name when finalised). We will need the rights to be able to use this logo as necessary.

We do envisage that we will need more design as the brand progresses (e.g. website artwork, letterhead design, new/different tags with new/different artwork etc.)

We've attached some pictures and artwork which describes what we are trying to mix.

As we mentioned before, we want something cool but not elegant, we want to have a sense of humor but not falling into the lack of education. one thing we love is Retro Style.

Thank you all again for bidding in this project.

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