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This is a great easy job if you are pretty decent at using fireworks and the colour fill tool and also know a royality free source for all the world maps. hot spots are needed to be added to each of the 52 to 55 maps using fireworks. these hotspots are already created on working but ugly maps. we need these ugly maps to be pretty in short.

Birders Travel Maps Specification.........

Birders travel is a birding holiday comparison site. it includes maps which show each destination where you can see a holiday/trip.

We currently have maps for our demo birders travel site: [url removed, login to view]

We need ALL the maps creating and marked in a special way.


The maps are to be interactive maps used to navigate around a sight. There are several types.

1. World Map – this is used to navigate to the maps of each continent so the areas forming each continent must be labeled and clickable.

[url removed, login to view] maps – each continent map must have all countries outline and labeled as above.

[url removed, login to view] maps – In most cases each country on a continent map is the ‘destination’ page. However, some larger countries are divided into ‘destinations’ each of which must be clickable and lead to the destination pages of Birders Travel. In some cases the destinations are the recognized political divisions of that country – for example, in the USA each state is the destination. However, some destinations are groupings of states which will need labels and to be designed so that those ‘destinations’ navigate to a destination page.

4. So, for some countries there are two maps… one showing the political divisions [states or provinces] in that country, and one showing how these are grouped into destinations. An easy example is the Argentina page [url removed, login to view] All the ‘states’ are named on the map but it is colour-coded into destinations and these destinations need to be labelled and be clickable… in this case there are just three destinations, ‘northern Argentina’, ‘Patagonia’ and ‘Tierra del Fuefgo’. In some maps not all of the country is a destination. A good example is Brazil. There are, currently, only five destinations ‘Amazon’, ‘Pantanal’, ‘Atlantic Forest’, ‘Atlantic Coast’, and ‘Northern Brazil’. This means that there are large areas of brazil which are NOT destinations – in all cases such areas should be left white.

5. The world and continent maps will all be the same colour and this colour may also be used as one of the colours on destination maps. On destination maps each destination area should be distinguished by a different shades of the same colour – all shades will be supplied.

6. Colours – the present colours on all the maps can be ignored… none are to be the ‘final colours.

7. All names of countries, destinations etc. should be in Black and in Title case – i.e. Each principle word capitalized thus: ‘United States of America’ – NOT ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’. Nor ‘United States Of America’.

8. Each colour block should be solid, not gradiated, so colour blocks can be flood-filled to replace colours for future changes. i.e. the different shades for different locations etc. only orders should be in contrast – either, black, white or grey as appropriate.

Basically we need 51 to 55 maps creating in a way which the colours can be changed easily [url removed, login to view] colours will define a destination which is the country except for 12 maps where a collection some countries or states create a destination.

Once each map is done we would like to be notified so we can see each map as they are being made incase there are details we need to inform you about.

The maps can be taken from a source you may have or you could possibly use them from here:

[url removed, login to view]



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