mlm clone with a searchable database

The concept is as follows. We want a clone of [url removed, login to view] to serve as the mlm side of our business. We want to substitute the e-book in the go4millions program with a members only database of Internet and other entrepreneurs which is searchable using different criterion. The database will be like a yellow pages directory for entrepreneurs to network amongst themselves.

We are looking for a competent team who will give us many years or positive support and backup. For this reason we would prefer a company who has at least a four year track record or has very good mlm references. You must have a very good grasp of the English language.

Please study the [url removed, login to view] site carefully first before bidding. It is free to sign up and you can access almost every page on the site. Please read this whole bid document. We will not under any circumstance pay for incomplete or unsatisfactory work. The project must be finished on time and to a high standard comparable to other mlm industry leaders.

We are looking for a total package that is free of bugs and functions at the highest possible standard. The winning bidder should have previous experience in completing multi level marketing work including but not limited to the following areas. The copy writing of the text, Graphic design and layout, Creation of banner ads like those on the site to be cloned and the ability to code a bug free script that works well. You must be able to integrate the two elements that we envisage seamlessly. As this is an overview of what we want you should also be able to add your own professional recommendations and refinements to this project.

The database should be searchable and must have the following search criterion. Country, State/province, City, Profession, buyer of an opportunity/seller or both and membership number.

It must have a worldwide country /city index. We shall be selling memberships which will grant access to and use of this database.

We need a clone of the site go 4 millions integrated seamlessly with this database business. The cloned site will be what the visitor sees first since the database is the product/service being offered.

People can join for free just like the go4millions system. With us they would create their profile and upload an image and other information onto their profile. The profile will not be added to the main database until they have confirmed their membership by paying. This is the same as go4millions where members can join for free and access certain areas of the site but not all. Once they have paid their profile will be added to the database and will be accessible to all other members. In addition they will be able to access the database and search for other members using the different criterion. The initial period of free membership should last for fifteen days during which time a series of automatic messages should be sent to them encouraging them to confirm their membership by paying. This auto response system and messages must be created by your team.

We need a team who can take this concept and refine it and make it into a reality. You must be prepared to modify all text during the cloning process and write copy for the new areas of the site. We can provide rough guidelines of what we want but the copy writing needs to come from your team. We want the overall design, layout and color scheme to stay the same although a new logo and some graphic elements need to be changed. Other go4million features not mentioned here are wanted however we cannot list every single feature of their site in our bid request.

Emphasis will be placed on the ability of our system to boost members business by letting them tap into a worldwide network of entrepreneurs. We also want the copy to convey that our system is designed to make more money for its members faster and easier. This concept will have to be made integral to the copy produced for the site. Members will be encouraged to follow our initial introduction method which will give them a ready network of contacts to work with. The idea is that once membership is confirmed a new member will search for at least ten other members who are offering or seeking business opportunities, whichever may be applicable. They will then fill out a standard introduction form on the site and send this to each of the ten chosen members. The ten recipients will study this if interested then forward the members profile to their ten contacts, and so on. This will ensure that many different members read about the new members business opportunity or other service they might be buying or selling. Their letter and message must be personal and there must be a facility for the recipient to report to management if they feel the system is being abused by a member who is spamming. Members who Spam will lose their commissions earned. Possibly there could be a system that only allows ten initial introduction messages to be sent thereafter maybe two new messages per month. We need input on this feature and want to avoid members spamming each other.

A Classified adverts page where members can post a classified advert. The adverts should be automatically deleted after ninety days. This should be a simple system that lists adverts in date order. The following headings are envisaged. Services, Business opportunities, Wanted, For sale.

We would like input and possibly more ideas in this regard.

The database business will have a powerful mlm program which will be a clone of go 4 millions .com. The mlm side of this business is very important to us. All members will be affiliates of the mlm program and will get a homepage with their name on it just like You can get a better idea by reading the page How it works at go4millions. All the existing pages on go4millions must be rewritten to make them relevant to our site. In addition to the pages on go4million we also want the following added. A Testimonials page that lets members write a testimonial and post it directly. We would need a feature to check or edit them. A links page to add a list of links from our site. There must be a feature that allows for the creation or addition or new links. We do need recommendations or advice on this feature. Additional pages could be added as part of your design and development of the site as and where your team felt it would be of benefit.

The following pages are on the site go4millions.

We want the same pages modified for our site.

1. Home

2. Sign up now

3. Members – Expanded below with more details.

4. Become a partner

5. Publishers

6. Advertisers

7. Newsletter

8. Articles

9. FAQ

10. Support

11. Contact us

12. How it works

13. Terms and conditions

14. Privacy Statement

15. Spam policy

16. Report Spam here

17. Company background

Members area [3 above] has the following pages.

18. Home for members

19. Create a profile

20. Change profile

21. Get banners

22. Text ads

23. Search members

24. Manage investments

25. Check your earnings

26. Progress report

27. Manage notifications

28. Contact management

29. Invite your friends

30. Share your views

31. Cancel membership


33. Marketing tips

We envisage the following pages for the database side of the site.

34. Sign in database

35. Home for database

36. Search

37. My profile

38. Edit member profile

39. Update my password

40. Message center – inbox / sent box / delete

41. Introduction form

42. Classified adverts

The following is a brief outline of the content of the database sides

pages numbered 34 to 42 above.

34. Sign in to database – A paid up member will get a password to use to enter this side of the web site. It should be simple and similar to the sign in page on go4millions that we will have for the sign in members area of the mlm side.

35. Home for database - This is where the members will arrive at after signing in. The design, colors and layout should be the same as for the rest of the site and must follow the requirements to clone go4millions.

36. Search - It should offer the various search criterions mentioned above. We are open to your suggestions and ideas regarding the functioning , layout and search criterion of this feature.

[url removed, login to view] profile - This is where the member will be able to see his profile as others would if they had searched for it.

38. Edit member profile – The member can edit their profile here.

39. Update my password – would allow the member to change their password to access the database.

40. Message center – This feature will allow members to send mail to each other. We are looking for a basic system that is not too complicated.

41. Introduction form – Allows members to simply fill out the form and send it to other members introducing their own profile or own business opportunity.

42. Classified adverts page is where members can place a short advert for other members to read. We have described this above.

Database and operating system will depend on your proposal to us. This is a cost sensitive project.

Additional requirements on the database side. Numbered 43 to 45 to be read under the current description above. See notes below explaining these three items.
43. 90 day mlm training course
44. MLM ezine directory
45. Affiliate program directory

43. 90 day mlm training course. This needs to be a clone or something very similar to the following.
This must start as soon as a member has confirmed their membership by paying. It must be sent out automatically to members e-mail address.
44. The mlm ezine directory will be a simple list of ezines that members can opt into. The page must have CMS – content management system that allows us to add or remove items. Nothing too complicated just a simple straight forward presentation of the list we will build up as we progress.
45. Affiliate program directory. Again like No. 43. Above this page must have a content management system. This is just a listing of many different affiliate programs with the possibility to have their banners on this page below a brief review of the affiliate program concerned. We will add in the various programs as we progress.

Please do not get carried away with your costs. This project is extreemly cost sensitive and a number of bidders are out pricing themselves. Lets get this project up and running then in the longterm you will get much more regular work from us.Regular work means more money from a confirmed longterm client. think about that. Thanks for all the interest so far. NB: Please quote your correct final price. We dont want to have to renegotiate with bidders after we close the bidding process. Thanks

We are closing this project and re submitting it under the heading mlm clone + database and training module. If you have already bid here thank you. Please re evaluate the new bid document and submit a realistic price. Please also answer the questions that are attached to the bid document.This is one of the main reasons why we decided to can this first bid process. Thank you again.

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