Web Based Marketing Management Software

Web Based Marketing Management Software

FlyingCards Marketing Manager

This application will be made available to customers using our postcard, greeting card or referral card service

They will login using a password

The user will pick an option for each campaign and be able to designate a name to each specific campaign.

IE Joe Bloggs Postcard Campaign 01 or Joe Bloggs Flyer campaign

Enter in the date the cards will be sent


Enter in the time frame to contact all those who have not responded

Our customers will be able to import or enter their data for each specific campaign

Contact Name- Company Name-Address1-Address2- Post Code County-Telephone Number-Email Address

The user will have the option to print postal labels with the below info

Contact Name- Company Name-Address1-Address2- -Post Code-County


When their customers responds to any of the above intiatives the user will have the options to log in the following:

Date Response Received-Comments and Feedback-To Do (in the to do section the user will have the option to type in

a date and set a period to respond).The user will be reminded at a set period before the designated date that he needs to contact this

customer. So every time the users goes to his control panel he can click on and see what he needs to do and when this needs to be done by

If no response is received within a certain frame (this needs to be able to be set at the beginning of

each campaign ie 1 week 2 weeks) the user of the software will be notified of all non respondents and then they will be

able to choose a choice of action. Send follow up communication

They may wish to e-mail all these non respondents so a click to email all non respondent function should be available


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