Web Application - backlinks counter

Web application (server) - backlinks counter


To count the exact number of backlinks to each URL (depending on the search engine), for up to 20 URLs.

For example, we want to know exactly how many backlinks go to [url removed, login to view], how many backlinks go specifically to the page [url removed, login to view], and [url removed, login to view], etc. (up to 20 URLs).

Accuracy is very important here.

Application Functionality:

The user chooses/enters their options according to the variables (see “user variables” below). If the user enters all variables as required, and presses the “Go” button, the application must run.

The application will then count the number of backlinks to each of the URLs that the user has specified, according to the search engine (and region) that they have specified (see “user variables”).

Example Output (you would present this in a table format, 2 columns):

Page URL Number of Backlinks

[url removed, login to view] 55

[url removed, login to view] 15

[url removed, login to view] 0

[url removed, login to view] 4

User Variables:

Variable 1: Choose the search engine and region you would like to use:



Action – user selects (by radio button) the search engine they would like to use. The user can also choose the region according to a dropdown menu next to each search engine (according to the regions available to each search engine).

United States is the default region for both engines.

Variable 2: Pages to visit (in the format [url removed, login to view], 1 page per line)

Action – User enters URLs (1 line per URL)

Variable 3: Enter your API

Google API:

Yahoo API:

Depending on the variable that the user selects (in variable 1), the user will either be required to enter their google or yahoo API.

Variable 4: Enter Captcha To Continue

To prevent spamming, please enter in the numbers and letters in the box below:

Action – user types the Captcha code into a box and presses “Go”.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification. This should be an easy application for anyone who knows anything about counting backlinks.


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