Script to Update LDAP from Delimited Text File

I have an Active Directory LDAP (Server 2003) that I need to update using data from a text file (carrot delimited).

The script needs to read each entry of a large text file, on each line look for a a specific value the 5th field (the majority of the lines have a null value in this field).

If there if a value in the field, and it's not null, it then needs to search Active Directory based on the value of the first field (an ID number)

If it finds a match on that field, it then needs to update that Active Directory record with the value pulled from the 5th field.

It needs to repeat this throughout the entire text file, and also print out to a text file log all of the entries it finds and updates it makes


Windows 2003 Active Directory LDAP

VB.Net preferred so that I can make changes later. If you would like to do it with something else, let me know before hand for approval.

Please comment your code

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