Microsoft Word plugin

I am looking for a Microsoft Word plugin that is able to do the following:

1. The plugin should work with Microsoft Word from version 2000 onwards.

2. The plugin should create a new toolbar or menu in Microsoft Word with an "Active/Inactive" toggle and an "Insert code" button.

3. When the plugin is active, all text in the curent document that appears between a pair of "@" delimiters should be replaced by a button, hyperlink or similar marker that could, e.g., be called "Code". For example, the text "@ print 'Hello, world!' @" should be replaced by a marker. A click on the marker should open a new window in which the text between the two delimiters (i.e., "print 'Hello, world!'") should be displayed in Courier New without any formatting. The code delimiters (i.e., "@ ... @") should not be displayed. When the user closes the window, the text should be saved.

4. A click on the "Insert code" button on the toolbar should insert a new marker at the current cursor position.

5. It should be possible to save the document in RTF format for further processing (just like any other document).

6. The application should come with a Windows installer.

Use of the GAF escrow feature must be acceptable. The only circumstance in which I am willing to make a downpayment is if you are willing to do a demo first. GAF references proving my payment morale are available upon request.

Thank you.


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