Simple Excel project needed in 24 hours

Program to match excel cells.

First off this program MUST be completed within 24 hours. If you can't do it in that time frame do not bid. Also this is a very simple project, I know it and anyone with programming skills will know it. I am willing to pay $20 - $30 tops. If your bid is more than this then it is clear you did not read this and your bid will be ignored.

I have an excel list with the same information in a cell that needs to be matched to contents of another cell.

I am looking for a very simple program that will take an excel xlsx file and match the contents of a designated column cells to the contents of the cells in column “A”. The designated column needs to be able to be entered in by the user. Below is an example:

Column A, Row 1 contains the following B0028QK6EY

Column A, Row 2 contains the following B0028QK6EY

Column A, Row 3 contains the following B0028QK6EY

Column A, Row 4 contains the following B0028QK6EY

Column A, Row 5 contains the following B0028QK6EY

//Bold added for emphasize

Column A, Row 6 contains the following B00292BLSC

Column B, Row 1 contains the following B0028QK6EY

Column B, Row 2 contains the following B00292BLSC

Column B, Row 3 contains the following B00292BLSW

Column B, Row 4 contains the following B00292BM68

Column B, Row 5 contains the following B00292BM7C

As you can see Column B, Row 1 matches Column A, Row 1 – 5. Column B, Row 2 matches Column A, Row 6.

What I am looking for is the contents of Column B, Row 1 to be inserted into the following rows 2 – 5, so that Column A and Column B match exactly. Once this happens Column B, Row 2 will become Column B, Row 6 and the process continues. Also the contents after the column will need to be extended so that all the data is kept in the correct fields. I am attaching some examples showing the before and after of what I am looking for.

Start File Example – As you can see in the examples Column A has ASIN as the Column Header and in this case the comparison column is Column Z, ASIN1. Column A, Row 1 matches Column Z, Row 1. Moving onto Column A, Row 2, does not match Column Z, Row 2 but instead matches the contents from Column B, Row 1. Column A, contains the same contents in Row 1 – 9. So Column B should contain the same contents in rows 1 – 9. Also all the data in the columns past column Z should be carried down to match also.

End File Example – First, very important, you can tell that nothing has been deleted but instead the contents of the cells in Column B – AK that do not match are simple shifted down and the space is filled in with the matching data. Also Column A, Row 40 is blank only for this example, in the actual file they will end at the same point on the sheet.

As I said above this should be a simple program to write, as it seems like it will only take a comparison statement and a loop. Very simply put, the contents in the designated column, and columns past the designated column need to be moved down to match the contents in column A and the space created needs to be filled in with data from the matching column.

Evner: Excel, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Apps

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Hi, this is very simple. I've had a lot of Excel macro dev experience. I can do this within the hour, as soon as the milestone's been paid. Thanks for your consideration! Best, Yang

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