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114569 Yahoo Chat Bot

This project is for the creation of a Yahoo Messenger chat bot.

The Bot will need the following functionality:

1. The Bot will need to be able to login to multiple yahoo ID's from 1 computer simultaneously and auto login of net reboot.

2. Once logged in, the Bot will Auto - ignore chat/cam invites, PM's, etc. "iggy bin" functionality would be a plus, such as found in the ytunnel chat client.

3. The Bot should be able to support chat2 and/or yahoo messenger 13 protocol.

4. The Bot should essentially have a "Stay Alive" function by being "boot resistant", by having the ability to check login status automatically, and by having the ability to re-login automatically as necessary.

5. The Bot will be configurable and will perform according to editable predetermined input files enabling it to move from room to room at user definable time intervals

The variables the Bot might use:

{AA} - User Defined List of Rooms ex. 20's love, 30's love, 40's love and 50's love

{XX} - User Defined Time Period Bot should stay in room before switching to next room ex. 22 minutes or 18 minutes...whatever

{YY} - User Defined Time Period before Bot will change its User ID

{QQ} - User Defined Message 1

{PP} - User Defined Message 2

{RR} - User Defined List of Available User ID's...(not quite sure how you'll do this part but I will need to be able to edit the input file for each bot so I can go in and manually create a profile for each bot and change up what the bots script will be. For an example, the Bot you create will go into the chat room and then when {XX} minutes have elapsed the Bot will randomly select a new room {AA} and switch rooms.

So, we could have 20's love, 30's love, 40's love and 50's love as the chat rooms and it will randomly pick a new room to go into every so often... like 20's love room 124 then to 40's love room 35 then to 30's love room 86...etc.

Now for the Bot's main job:

6. The Bot will go into Yahoo chat rooms and carry on very basic conversation with others and it will send out messages to the main board in the chat room. These conversations will be very simple and consist of only a couple of back and forth statements. The bot will be have a trigger function that is triggered by certain key words like cam or flirt. When the trigger is activated the Bot will send out a link to our website to get traffic to our site.

If the trigger is not activated, The Bot will paste a user-defined message {QQ} in the actual room and also send a personal message {PP} to all the users logged into the room. and bot message starting ten digit and last ten digit auto rotate and that 10 digit mention like ( ak69c sd87sd then message and after message fasdf asda8).

7. I need the Bot to be efficient so yahoo will not kick it off. Some sort of a replication or perhaps even using the yahoo messenger itself as a bot could be most efficient since yahoo will not block its own messenger program.

The Bot's logic:

Who am I?{RR}

How long will I remain who I am ? {YY}

Where am I?{AA}

What do I have to do while I'm here? {QQ},{PP}

How long am I going to be here?{XX}

Where am I going from here once it's time to leave?{ next Random Selection from {AA}

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