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It can be 1 or few infographics. Let's discuss. You need to create infographic flowchart of process described below:

Pleaple is a social game aims at making you feel closer to people that you love and feel connected especially with people whom you share some interests and aims in real life. Pleaple allows you to create a circle of people whom you share same aims and interests and then forge strong relations with one another within the circle.

Here is a step by step guideline on how Pleaple works

1. Create a profile

2. Create circle

i. Create a name for your circle.

ii. Set a participation fee: members of a Circle will be required to pay to each other a given amount of money, which will be collected at every event when members of a circle meet. Participation fee is an investment which you make for the relationship you share within the circle.

iii. Select where your circle will be located or where the circle will be holding events. Location can be a city or country.

iv. Determine the maximum number of members in your circle: 12 members are the number Pleaple recommends. Events/ meetings will be held on a monthly basis and each member of the circle will guide the rest for each calendar month. 12 meetings will be held in a year. 12 is a perfect number as it gives people an opportunity of creating and developing trust with one another.

v. Choose a profile image for your circle.

vi. Choose a theme for your circle. Examples of themes include relatives, family, university, sport, music, music band and other interests.

vii. Set events schedule: events can be held annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly or few times per week/ month. Events are very important as they help you understand your circle members better such as their interests, aims and so on.

viii. Describe your circle: highlight what is important about your circle, the values of the circle, why people should join your circle etc.

ix. Set up rules to be followed: each member of a circle must comply with the set rules. Such rules could be in regard to sport clothes, equipment for sporting events, don’t be late for events, mandatory events e.t.c. Rules help make things well organized and orderly.

x. Circle publicity: There is an option of making a circle either private or public. With a private circle, no one can see who the members are, events, ratings and such things. Making your circle private can be a little boring, especially because no one will have an idea of how your circle is progressing.

3. Send invitations

Invitations can be sent via post in social networks or emails where you encourage people to participate in your circle. You can start creating events as people join but once the maximum number of members has been reached, no one else can join.

4. Appoint Events

This will be as per Events Schedule, i.e. monthly, weekly or day of the week. A guide will be appointed by the system from the list of circle members. The guide will receive a notification before the period starts so that he or she can organize the event as per the circle rules.

5. Pay for Event

Upon acceptance of invitation, the members will need to pay the set participation fee. The guide pay for all the costs related to the Event organization. The guide will receive the participation free from the members.

6. Participation mark

When the event comes to an end, the guide will mark the members who actually participated in the event.

7. Rating

Honors will be given to the circle and the members for:

• Event creation

• Regular payment

• Regular participation in events/ meetings

Violation of set rules will lead to a penalty which decreases the honors

When the event comes to an end, another member will be selected as the guide for the next period and organize the next event.

Or you can make dew infographics or video.

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