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VB.Net - Sort Structure Array By Up To 4 Fields


Thank you for taking the time to review my Visual Basic Express 2010 project.

This is a work for hire. I need commented code to sort an array of a Structure. I must be able to sort the items on ANY OR ALL of four fields. I have attached a sample application for you to do the work.

Please do not suggest that I use a Class instead of a Structure. I am locked into a Structure.

This is the example structure:

Public Structure TestStructure

Public Name As String

Public Weight As Single

Public MainCategory As Integer

Public SubCategory As Integer

End Structure

Public ts() as TestStructure

Public Sorted_ts as TestStructure

Your code must be able to sort ts() down to sorted_ts() using any or all of the fields in TestStructure. For example, I might need to sort by a specific SubCategory, and then by weight. All records in ts() that match the SubCategory (i.e. 3) are then sorted by weight (i.e. from heaviest to lightest) and are added to sorted_ts(). Sorted_ts() will be cleared before each use. It is Sorted_ts() that will be sent to my menu system.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you very much for your time,


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