Upgrade my current app and fix bugs as per skype conversation

Listed below are the bug fixes as per our discussion:

#1 - In options screen there are 3 ways to control audio. volume control, on / off switch and reading mode (narrated or self read). CURRENTLY the controls for the left side (self read / narrated) are correct. The controls on the left (volume and on/off) are incorrect. The controls on the left are supposed to ONLY affect the background music audio file. But they control the volume on the narration as well. This needs to be changed so the volume and on/off only make changes to the background audio ONLY.

#2 - On each page there are 2 animation action buttons. When clicked they trigger an animation sequence. The original design has a "button" image which is a static image that holds the place until it is clicked. When clicked it hides and plays an animation sequence (first frame of that animation looks the same as the image that the "button"). Once the sequence is done it shows the button again. The problem is that the "hit area" (where the person can click to activate it) is just the "button" file. This is problematic because sometimes its either TOO BIG or TOO SMALL. It is SUPPOSED to always be the same size and is an invisible hit area. That hit area should always be 1 inch x 1 inch big no matter what device you are on and should be in the center of the "button" image. This button image should not be a button but just an image that holds the place for the animation sequence. The button itself we need is invisible and is only a predetermined size "hit area".

#3 - Each hit area stated in #2 above should have an overlaying animation that plays once every 10 seconds to give a "hint" to the end user where the trigger is to activate the animation. The animation files are attached to the email. It should not loop but only play once and then again 10 seconds later play again. (The animation is attached to this email)

#4 - CURRENTLY if you hit any button (next / previous / home) in the pages of the book it interrupts the animations / reading / or whatever action is currently happening) and allows the user to go to the next page. This needs to be revised to the following:

- If person click ANY menu button (home, previous, next) it should stop all active animations and narrations audio and word highlighting (in narrated mode) and reset all animations to default state (before executing the action of previous, next, home).

- If person click ANY animation action button (animation 1 or 2 action buttons) it should stop ONLY animations that are active but NOT narrations audio or word highlighting (in narrated mode) and reset the animations to deafult state (before starting new animation).

#5 - When narration mode is on it should not allow to leave the page until the narrator has finished reading the whole lines of text. The user currently can click FAST through all the pages, but we want to hold them back until the narration is over before allowing the next page to be shown. This should ONLY work when narration mode is selected. If it is self read, they should be able to click any button as fast as they want to move forwards and backwards. This can not be time delayed. It has to only release the functionality AFTER the full text is read (this is important because later books should have much longer text per page and each page will have different length of wriging).

#6 - fix a few noticed crashing bugs along the way as per comments from Rajen

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