URGENT! Farsi to Dari translation of articles

We have a 26-page article in Farsi to be translated into Dari.

*You must have the ability to type in Dari and deliver the document in Word format.

*The translation must be done in 5 days.

*Payment is $10.00 USD per page, for the total of $260.00 USD.

Please provide your translation qualifications.

All applicants must translate the following from Farsi to Dari (the text is mirrored here due to the limitations of this website; however, your translation must be written correctly from right to left):

/1 7HD †F/ÌF 3'D ¯04*G (G /DÌD 96HÌ* /1 (1F'E) 3.F¯HÌ'F H2'1* 'EH1 .'1,G "E1JC' 4'F3 'ÌF 1' /'4*G 'E ©G (G †F/ÌF ©4H1 '1H~'Ì E1©2Ì H "3Ì'ÌÌ-'1H~'ÌÌ ('1H3Ì'ÌÌ) 3A1 ©FE. /1 'ÌF 3A1G' (' EB'E'* /HD*Ì (3Ì'1Ì ED'B'* /'4*G 'E H (1'3'3 *,1(G 'E GE (G 9FH'F .(1F¯'1 H GE (G 9FH'F 3.F¯HÌ †F/ÌF '1¯'F /HD*Ì "E1JC' (G "F G' /1 EH1/ †¯HF¯Ì '/'1G ©1/F 9ED ©1/ 1H'(7 9EHEÌ E$+1 *H5ÌG G'ÌÌ ©1/G 'E.

'ÌF ©*'( ~'3. E3*BÌEÌ (G (3Ì'1Ì '2 3$'D'*Ì '3* ©G /1 'ÌF 3A1G' '2 EF 4/G '3*. ©*'( (G 4©D FH9Ì ©*'( 1'GFE'Ì ,Ì(Ì (1'Ì 1G(1'F /HD*Ì H EB'E'* '7D'9 13'FÌ 9EHEÌ ©G EÌ .H'GF/ 3'2 H ©'1 '1*('7Ì E$+1Ì EÌ'F E7(H9'* H /HD* 'Ì,'/ ©FF/ FH4*G 4/G '3*. 'F*.'( E7'D( (Ì'F ¯1 EH6H9'*Ì '3* ©G 'ÌF 3.F¯HÌ'F E71- ©1/G 'F/ †G '2 ,G* EH6H9'* .'5Ì ©G EH1/ *H,G B1'1 ¯1A*G H †G '2 F81 EÌ2'F ,2&Ì'*Ì ©G /1 /3*13 B1'1 ¯1A*G '3*.

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