Filipino (Tagalog) & English - Audio Project

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I am looking for someone fluent in English and fluent in Filipino (Tagalog) to read and make an audio recording for 15 articles. Each of the 15 articles are about one page in length. The articles are written in English with some words/phrases/sentences written in Filipino (Tagalog). You will be asked to make an audio recording of each article as you read it. All foreign language words should be read and pronounced slowly in the audio so a listener with zero experience in speaking the language will hear the word/sentence/phrase quite clearly.

For this project you will be asked to read and record 15 articles.

About the one page articles:

There are 15 articles to be read and recorded.

Each article is between 450 – 550 words long (that's about a page for each article).

The articles are written in English with some words/phrases /sentences written in Filipino (Tagalog).

If you find an error in the foreign language word while reading the document you should correct it (notify me about it also). If you find an error in the article you should all point it out so it can be corrected. I'll send you the document in .doc format so you can make the corrections (if any correction is necessary).

Audio Portion of the project.

For each one page article mentioned above you will make an audio recording.


You should be able to read, and speak English fluently.

You should also be able to read and speak Filipino (Tagalog) fluently.

You should be able to read and pronounce the words clearly and correctly in both English and Filipino (Tagalog). In other words, you should have good English pronunciation and good Filipino (Tagalog) pronunciation.

You should record the audio in a quite place without noise.

Recording and making edits to the 15 articles should take no longer than 2 to 3 days to complete.

I would prefer that you work steadily until the project is complete. No excuses. Excuses do not help meet deadlines.

If you are interested in this project, answer the following questions using a full sentence, or sentences, so that I know exactly what you are referring to.

1. How much will you charge for completing this project?

2. Let me know which day of the week and the hours you will work towards completing this project?

Don't "disappear" then "reappear" after being assigned the project.

3. Let me know what country you are from and what country you are currently living in.

4. Let me know how many people will work on this project. If one person will work on this project, will that one person be you?

5. Do you have a Resume? Send your Resume.

6. You will be required to sign a contract before you are hired for this project. Will that be a problem for you?

7. Why are you applying for this project?

8. Do you have something coming up or are you involved in something at the moment that requires you to take time off before or while working on this project?

9. You understand that in order to get paid you need to read, record and complete all the articles.

[url removed, login to view] understand that before you are hired for this project you will be interviewed on Skype. It will be an audio interview so you need to have a microphone. And your audio and microphone should be working correctly.

11. You understand that no matter how good or valid the excuse it does not help me meet my deadline. Therefore, if you cannot complete this project in a timely manner or habitually do not complete projects in a timely manner then do not apply for this project.

12. Do you double check your work and make corrections without having to be asked to do so?

You understand that whatever errors need to be corrected or whatever corrections are to be made you will need to make them in a timely manner.

13. After being hired, on day 1 or 2, you agree to send me an update showing the actual work you have done for this project. This lets me know if you are doing things correctly.

I do not pay upfront. I do not pay milestones. I do not pay a percentage. I pay when the project is complete.

If this project involves writing, do not plagiarize. Copyscape and other tools will be used to check ALL written work.

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