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This project is for two weeks of calling potential clients for a credit counselling company in order to determine the viability of creating an ongoing enterprise to do the same. The list to be called and analyzed is currently comprised of + or- 150,000 phone numbers of PEOPLE WHO HAVE RESPONDED TO A VOICE MESSAGE LEFT ON THEIR ANSWERING MACHINES AT HOME by calling our 800 # provided in the message. These calls are ongoing and began in 2004. They are from people who either wanted more information, didn't qualify for our program on the basis of total debt, interest rates and number of credit cards, or did qualify and were transferred to a professional credit counselor, but who declined to enroll at that time.

Due to the new, more restrictive bankruptcy laws in the U.S., we hope to re-contact as many of these people as possible. Circumstances change, and within this group we believe there are many new clients waiting to be identified and served.

We would anticipate that approximately 1000 people will be contacted during this two-week trial and that many will be transferred to our counselors while still on the phone line, and subsequently enrolled.

In order to determine the viability of scaling up such an enterprise, we are commissioning a two-week study here. Below is a sample script which should give an idea of what we are attempting to accomplish/determine.

The successful service provider will speak very clear English, have VoIP capabilities, be able to transfer calls seamlessly, and provide daily logs to quantify and verify their activity.

The following is a sample of a script to be employed:

"Hello ___________________,

This is John in customer relations at CMS…..Credit Management Services. You called us on ______________ of (last year, 2004, last month, etc.) and talked to ___________about debt consolidation….you probably recall… (Let them respond.)…..Anyhow, because of the new tougher bankruptcy laws, we’re checking back to see how you’re doing and if you need help getting on top of your finances….A lot of folks seem to be having a tough time these days….How you doin’?

(Let them respond, and if they even hesitate a little, they’re probably in trouble so keep going unless they answer, “No problem”, or “ I’m doing fine”, etc.)

We have several new ways to help you since you last called in, so let me verify a couple of things, and then I can figure out who you should talk to. Here are the basics: you need to have $7000 in credit card debt…VISA , MASTER CARD, etc…. and at least two cards with pretty high interest on them…at least 12%….. so how’s your situation? Do you think you might qualify for our program? OK, here’s what you need to do. Just hang on a minute and I’ll get a professional counselor who will explain exactly what we can do to get you in complete control of your finances.

Again, you need to have $7000 in debt. How much do you have?…… You need two cards…..and the interest has to be over 12%. How many cards are we talking? Are you paying over 12%? Great. Hang on a second. Sounds like we can help you solve your problem."

(Transfer the call.)

A successful result could well lead to a vastly expanded long-term project.

Thank you for considering undertaking this project.

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