NEC 2100 Phone Caller ID to Computer

Our client has a phone system SL2100, we are trying to find a solution to intercept Caller ID to computer when their customer makes calls, the following is from SL2100 manuals,

Outputting Caller ID Data

The system includes the Caller ID data on the SMDR report. The report provides the incoming call DN

in the DIALED NUMBER field. The CLASS field shows PIN (just like all other incoming calls).

Caller ID data can also output to a PC or other type of computer through the 1st Party TAPI driver.

This allows for off-line database lookups. In a customer service department, for example, the computer

could search for a caller’s records and display their account status even before a customer service

representative picked up the telephone.


The system has Telephony Applications Programming Interface (TAPI) compatibility that provides:

• Reduced TAPI Feature Set (see the Supported TAPI Commands chart below)

• Caller ID data to the PC for data base lookups and screen pops (see the Caller ID Data chart below)

• Telephone control (Off-Hook, On-Hook and dialing)

The 1st-Party TAPI Ethernet Driver provides an interface that allows the user personalized control of

the telephone system from a desktop or laptop PC when used in conjunction with a TAPI-compliant

application. The telephone system and PC are connected by installing TAPI Drivers, allowing the PC

user to access sophisticated communications services via the telephone lines.


• The 3rd Party CTI driver requires the 3rd Party CTI Client license 0112.

• The 1st Party CTI driver does not require any additional license.

• Caller ID and Call status are available from the TAPI interface functions.

• Only one 3rd-Party CTI connection to the SL2100 is supported.

I am looking for a telecommunication engineer who has installed SL2100 1st Party or 3rd Party CTI before, assist me to install and setup system, and test it with TAPIMaster or similar software to obtain Caller ID to computer.

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