A True Linux Administrator Please, Are there any here?


(1)I’m the most unreasonable person in the whole world.

(2)Gremlins login to my servers and make my Linux Admins look bad.

(3) I have been choosing the wrong people to administer my Linux Servers. :-)

Try to view this project with an open mind, its a strange one.

This project is for an experienced, humble Linux admin. I need someone

who doesn’t think the rest of the world is stupid because they don’t know

Linux. Someone who can fallow detailed instructions and not have to continuously revisit tasks that are supposed to be complete. I also need someone who can chat via yahoo messenger and speak clear English. I need someone who is not going to waist my time and be able to work and get it done right.

I need someone who works well with others and who can appreciate the fact that they are working for someone else and that they are offering a service. These are production Linux Web Servers. They are not a test bed, or a play ground. We don’t have time or room for someone who is getting in way over their head, nor do we have time for someone who says they can do it and can not. I need the right person; I can’t seem to find him/her. I can’t seem to find someone who doesn’t have a serious problem fallowing instructions. This person needs to have experience with Debian, (VHCS is a plus), and serious experience with Linux in a web server environment. Time and schedules are what we base everything on, up until now the people we have chosen have expected us to allow them to work through things and learn as they work, we cant do this. I’m not talking about minor overtures; I’m talking about days past due here and still not complete or up and running. If you say you cant do it, that’s fine but if you tell me you can and cant fallow through and spend countless hours only to end up no further than when we started, it’s a problem. I’m sure that if you are even considering this project you have many questions. Please feel free to ask and we would be happy to elaborate on this project and its details. Basically here is what’s going on in the short version. We have a few simple Linux tasks,, we are told no problem,,, it ends up dragging out and not ever being right,,, then when we ask why or explain our schedule and why they need done correctly and in a timely fashion we are told we are being unreasonable. These servers are just VHCS web servers. All we want is to be able to work with someone, be told something and for that person to stand by their word and deliver what they said they could. Until now 2 people we have chosen to work on or Linux servers have not been able to do this. In both cases it started out very well, I think both people worked hard to do the best that they could, but I think some of these tasks were beyond their abilities. I have some experience with Linux and am very able to work with you and assist you in the local tasks that would be required. Please, I can’t stress this enough, ask questions, and ask me for details, I want full open clear communication on this projects details. Basically this project is an interview, If you can fix my samba server that I have had another person setting up for over a week now, then the interview starts. Samba is up, its running, but I cant login. Just today I was told this by the current person working on it:: The fallowing is part of the conversation between us::

(Admin) We are almost there man, you should be able to access the NTFS share as _-_-_-/_-_-_-

(me) absolutely can not, I’ve tried everything

(admin)What does it do are you prompted for a username and password?

(me) yes, and it does not accept it.

(admin) The reason you cannot login is because no UNIX users have been converted to Samba users.

(me) that statement would have been nice to have first, before I wasted all that time after you told me I could login.

(admin) Sorry, I forgot about that requirement

I was told by this admin a week ago Samba was configured and working properly, I have been scratching my head on it and telling him all week something is wrong. This is 1 of countless “oh sorry I forgots”, So maybe you can see where we are coming from. I shut down the server and set out to find another after this conversation. So obviously the only thing you have to do to fix this is convert a UNIX user to a Samba user. Then we can talk about a position working with us. We are a reputable company and a successful web host, we are trying to broaden our services and offer Linux based web hosting along side our already in place Windows based hosting. These servers need to be secure, stable and the person administering them MUST understand the importance of our customers websites being on them.

Let’s talk.

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