Ultimate Rust Hack Add-On

Ultimate Rust Hack Developed

Please Download and read the Ultimate Rust [url removed, login to view] for better details and full project discription.

I need an Ultimate Rust Add-On Hack Developed that I can load after loading the Rust Helios Level 3 Hack then I can use the Ultimate Rust Add-On Hack Developed giving me the ability to use the features for both hacks.

Making this an add-on hack because HelioS-Framework-v3.0 LEVEL 3 Rust has most the features already why reinvent the wheel.

Ultimate Rust Add-On Hack Development Main Goals:

I know all the below features may not be able to be added do to coding limits and we can decided what to do if we come to a problem adding a feature.

Features wanted Added To the Ultimate Rust Hack Add-ON:

Most important features that need to be added to the rust add-on hack have a * after the number.

1.) *Fly Hack (Hacker are already using this feature)

2.) Fly under the map hack (Hacker are already using this feature)

3.) Never die in water.

4.) *Bullet and arrow kill range increased to 6000 meters or better. (Helios Rust Hack Bullet range can be increased but after the hack injects into the game it limits the bullet range to 400 meter maybe when the add-on rust hack gets loaded after the Helios Rust hack the add-on can increase the Helios bullets range to 6000 meters or better)

5.) *Remote instant kill all users in the Helios Rust Hack Shit List (File name [url removed, login to view] saved under a random file name in downloads filer of Helios rust hack) no matter where they are on the server even if you’re not carrying a weapon if possible in your hand or in the player inventory or have bullets.

6.) *Online player list: Press a programmed key bind button that will pop up a list of all players currently on line with a refresh list button on the list or auto refresh the list. List need to be screen movable via display location. (When you click a players name in this list teleport to their location)

7.) Teleport to a player location when there name is clicked on the Online Player List popup.

8.) Target and open boxes, loot bags, stash sacks and furnaces to loot what you want from them when opened through walls, doors, ceilings and rocks up to 500 meters or greater select what to take out.

9.) View and Loot a live players inventory

10.) *Open any metal or wood door you press e to open even if it’s not your door (Display door code if there is one per popup box.

11.) Remote Air Drop looting via Button Press (Hackers are already using this feature using I know the website where they are using a subscribed hack to do this but will not disclose it publicly will is you win the bid for the project it’s not a well known hack)

12.) *God mode (if possible so player can’t you can’t die)

13.) In Game Item duplication

14.) Change you game alias online in game when you decided to

15.) *make my in game character invisible to other hackers ESP and invisible to any normal player when Feature active

16.) Feature to teleport to the location were you last died when activated via a set key bind button press without a time to respawn and if possible add a M4 gun to player game slot 6 and add two hundred 556 bullets to inventory when this feature is used.

17.) Mass Decay hack with option select what to decay in a 400 meter range. Select to decay walls, doors, boxes, stash sack, furnace, pillar, ceiling, foundation, ramps or select to decay all (If need to have it just decay all) (Hacker are already using this feature)

18.) *Show Furnaces, sleeping bags, furnaces, work benches and repair benches on the ESP (Helios Level 3 Rust Hack does not have this feature but other hacks do)

19.) Clip and walk into any rock on the map and walls and doors when this feature is activated.

20.) Increase the ESP to see players and their names to 10000 meters or belter and give this feature the ability to be increase or decreased.

21.) Make walls, doors, ceilings invisible and see through. (Hacker are already using this feature)

Please, Bid what you think it will cost to develop don't know how to raise the max bid amount all bids will be considered.

Evner: .NET, C# Programmering, C++ Programmering, Python, Software Arkitektur

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