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Boonex Site Customization for Business Networking

With Reference to [url removed, login to view]

1. Firstly, all I would like to be done is to create 6 Group Sections with the existing tabs.

There is only one default Groups Section on the Site, now back to its original name ‘Groups’. These should allow me the same functions of the default Groups tab, i.e. so that I can add categories & so those members can create their own groups.

What I am therefore asking you to do is to create 6 , Group Sections that have an “All Groups” and “Search” sub-section tabs. I.E.(When one hovers their cursor over the tabs).

This means that ’People’, Tags, Categories, Search, Help & ‘About’ should be groups sections.

*Could you ensure that the Promo Block Images load up consistently to fill up the space, as they are currently loading up at the bottom -right of the site promo image space.

* I would also like the Photos tab to be removed, but I want to preserve its functionality (uploading photos), so that a profile picture will show up in the user profile page.

I would like you to remove anything that pertains to dating applications on the site, such as the Quick Search bar in the home page and the Hot or Not Options from the Members tab sub-section options, as well as the Add to Hot list function when a user looks for other members.

Could the Boonex News Section on the home page be changed to allow me to add my own news instead of the default Boonex news.

Also on the Home page of the site, could the Dolphin 7 Google World Map ([url removed, login to view]), near the bottom, replace the Boonex News Box and could the Ads Box, (bottom right), replace the Members box which is under the Boonex News box, (which I would like to removed from the site’s homepage along with the Boonex News Box section. ) I would like the Site Stats to be replaced by a Description Box of the Site that I can add to on later OR the Latest News Box.

Could the ‘Join’ button, be changed to ‘Request to Join’ –Membership

Therefore in reference to the first section, there should be the following tabs: Account, Group1, Group2, Groups, Group3, Group4 & Group 5, Group 6.

2. Secondly, could you alter the following fields in the sign up page: ([url removed, login to view])

Could the Creation of a Profile Type display a Student, Professional, Business or Charity Section (4 in total)This will be for registration purposes.

& Could you please remove the “Looking For” dating option in the Miscellaneous Info Section.

When a user logs in, can they be automatically directed to their “My Account Page”, instead of the “My Profile” page.

For Joining the site, could you also change the Description function to be a message for, be a dropdown option of why the person would like to Join:

• Networking

• Career

• Recruitment Purposes

• Join Business Start-Ups

• Link with Philanthropic Organizations

This message should then be delivered to the Admin, and hence registration to the site should not be automatic but at the Administrator’s discretion.

(Currently anyone registering is automatically approved as a member.)

3. Thirdly, Could you also add the following fields, be added to the General Info tab box in the right hand corner of a user’s My Profile Page:

Occupational Sphere: (This should be the Group that the User Joins. It is currently at the bottom of the photo tab of the My Profile Page). Can Real Name replace Nickname in the General Info Page as well as when a person is searching for another person.

Business Interests:

Business /Charity Affiliation:



(There should be the option to insert a link to a website, which opens in another window).

The Above Fields should be part of the Member Info at the Top Right section of the My Account Page and members should be able to edit the above sections when they choose to edit their profiles.

All the other tabs below that can remain where there are.

Lastly, Members should only be able to search for other members only if they are members of the Site, and even this should only be possible after someone is added as a Friend. Therefore profiles should be set to a default of private.

‘Friends’ should be changed to ‘Contacts’ and ‘People’ to ‘Network.’

This site is meant to resemble the features of a professional networking site.

Evner: Boonex Dolphin, Branding, MySpace, Social Engine, Sociale Netværk

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