Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, author of 'Moore's Law' that helped drive computer revolution, dies at 94

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Gordon Moore, a co-founder of Intel and a pioneer in the semiconductor industry whose "Moore's Law" foretold a long-term surge in computing power, passed away on Friday at the age of 94, according to the firm.

He passed away at his home in Hawaii, according to Intel (INTC) and Moore's family charity organization, surrounded by loved ones.

As one of the three founding members of Intel in 1968, Moore was the rolled-up-sleeves engineer who ultimately helped "Intel Inside" processors find their way into more than 80% of all personal computers in use today.

Moore noted in a 1965 paper that since the development of integrated circuits, the number of transistors on microchips has generally doubled year due to technological advancements.

His forecast that the pattern would persist was dubbed as

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