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100 artilces, need 20 very fast.

What I need done:

I need 100 articles written on brits living abroad. I am open to different topic areas but needs to be focused on British Expats living abroad and those looking to migrate, These should cover living abroad, aspects of certain countries such as healthcare, transport, cost of living, jobs, weather etc. Countries that should be included would be #1 USA

#2 Canada

#3 Australia

#4 New Zealand

#5 Spain

#6 France

#7 South Africa

#8 Ireland

#9 Jamaica

#10 Trinidad & Tobago

#11 Brazile

#12 Argentina

#13 Chile

#14 Venezuela

#15 Saudi Arabia

#16 India

#17 Pakistan

Some are to be written from a first person perspective, others from a third person. While some can provide more general information like 1 article off:

Tips when moving abroad:

1 articles written with bulletpoints that covers the most important tips.

Reason why most Brits move abroad:

Do research and dedicate an article on the motivation behind the Brits that emigrate.

Buying property abroad:

Do research about problems you can come across when buying property abroad.

Process of emigrating:

As far as I’ve read there are a lot of Brits that want to emigrate but they don’t know where to start. You could write about the process of emigrating. Where to begin and what not to forget when you consider to emigrate.

How to take care of your present household when you intend to imigrate:

How to ship your household to your next location, what to do with your healthinsurance and other issues.

Children and pets:

Pets are not allowed into each country without the proper documents and shots/vaccine and it’s important that kids will be feeling good with the migration and they can go to school and socialize etc. So I think it’s nice if you write one article on this topic.

Visa and traveldocuments:

Visa is not needed when you want to travel within the European Union but when future expats want to go to another continent they will need visa’s and other sorts of documents or might stumble upon other problems.

The luxery of todays expats

The Brits that are eager to live abroad these days have some advantage over the Brits expats that left the UK 10 years ago in example. The rise of the internet has made programms as Skype, MSN, Hotmail etc. available and there are other issues that help make a big step smaller.

They should each be approximately 500 - 800 words in length. I expect to be able to revise the articles 1-2 times.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:

Target audience is British Expats and Brits looking to live abroad.

Timeframe for delivery:

I need 20 articles on the 27th of July! Then I will need 20 on the 3th of august, and 20 every week thereafter for 3 more weeks.

I will use copyscape and other resources at my disposal, so copying / plagarising will not be tolerated. the competition is [url removed, login to view] and www.britishexpats.com.

Thank you for your interest in my project. I hope you will bid fast because the time frame is bit awkward in the begin. Budget is around 400/500 $$$ and if I'm satisfied with the work done I will definitely consider contacting the provider before posting another project.

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