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Asterisk - bridging call-legs with delay


following project to be done via Asterisk or something relevant:

A calls B over C, X is the phonenumber of B

A dials number X over C, C plays welcome message and connects to B after; this welcome message has a duration of Y seconds.

This message we would like to overlay with "our own" welcome message; .wav or mp3 or whatever you suggest.

You can solve it when you put A to a extension that plays music, while B is already connected and giving its message...then after Y secondss A and B get bridged.

If you can also implement a RBT detection that detects RBT and cuts the music and bridges A and B, this would be the best !

A routing table would be nice

We need a IP to IP call solution.

H323, SIP

H323 we prefere.

A webserver with Asterisk is already existent.

Maybe you can use it or set a new asterisk solution.

Thats it.

If you have more suggestions, be free !

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